Harvest Icebergs from Antarctica to supplement the water for Southern Africa

We are looking at the technology around this an an option at this time for Cape Town.

I suggested this in 1991 when I first published on the impending new millennium water crisis, the idea has a long and illustrious history dating back to the turn of the last century. Recently I have suggested processing of icebergs in situ as a solution, since icebergs are going to melt anyway. Repurposing of oil tankers and if anyone has a good idea how to melt using nocost energy, would be a good means to explore as a stop gap measure as we lose our habitat, will buy time but is not the solution to climate change, David Robert Lewis

Looking at the bigger picture this is like burning al the heavy clothing you own and then the doors and windows to keep warm.

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These are some of the first papers written on towing an Iceberg from Antarctica to South Africa. I was in touch with the daughter of the first research scientist who proposed this idea…her name is Ann DeMarie and she told stories of her amazing father’s scientific inquistiveness.design_parameters_for_a_south_african_iceberg_power_and_water_project.pdf (3.6 MB)

The harvesting of icebergs in-situ had been discussed, the problem was the size of the tankers and the amounts of water needed to make it efficient I think

I had gone through that doc but the technology around the generation of electricity using icebergs is something scientists should look at.

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Yes, not quite the same.