Hackathon instructions


ATTENTION all hackers for Sunday Feb 25 sessions. We will start around 10am SAST. I will start a topic called FEB 25 Sunday Hack group. Please reply with ideas for tomorrow’s hacking sessions.


Welcome to the HACK THE CAPE TOWN WATER CRISIS project page! This is the page where participants collaborate around the globe to work on ideas and solutions that can impact the Cape Town Water Crisis and help avert or build resilience for Day Zero. You can create new hackathon projects or join existing ones. Some simple rules for participating in this hackathon follow. Invite people to your project team and make a call for experts or resources.

Creative Commons License
All projects are open source and under a creative commons share and share alike license so that anyone in a water stressed city can use these designs and manufacture with them for local production in their community.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Share-and-share-alike means that if anyone uses the idea to and creates something novel on top of the existing designs, they are obligated to share their new knowledge with everyone.

Hackathon Basic Instructions

  1. If you are starting a new project, click the WHY NOT CREATE A TOPIC? link. (here is a forum tutorial)
  2. Name the topic title with your project name and describe your project, it’s potential impacts, what kind of people and resources you need to complete it, what you want to achieve in this hackathon and after the hackathon. It is suggested to use the following headings: Challenge Addressed, Proposed Solution, Desired hackathon goal, Resources needed (people, financing,etc), There are basic formattings on the toobar such as uploading an image or hyperlinking your text.
  3. Invite people to join your project and start collaborating!
  4. If you aren’t starting a new project, join projects you want to contribute to by clicking on the project and introduce yourself, your skills, interests and what you would like to contribute.Everyone is free to contribute to as many projects as they want.
  5. Try out this design tool to generate new ideas: http://diytoolkit.org/tools/fast-idea-generator/

How to participate during the Feb 24, 25 hackathon

  1. On the days of the hackathon, we will be streaming live on Facebook Stop Reset Go or Cape Town Science Centre Facebook page (final page to be announced).
  2. Local and remote teams will work together by communicating in realtime chat on your specific community.oscedays.org project page.
  3. Local Cape Town teams need to have 1) a team facilitator, 2) a team internet scribe with a laptop logged into the Cape Town Science Centre Wi-Fi network so that you can connect to this website and communicate the local team’s work to the global team who are participating on this project, and 3) a few other team members
  4. It’s possible to have just purely remote teams as well, in that case you don’t need a local team member.

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