[GROUP] - London OSCEdays 2015

A place for all the participants (and wider interested in the London/ UK activities) to link-up, share and update. Also for key more London OSCEdays communications.

We’d love to also hear your feedback and ideas for the future development of the OSCEdays here. (I know we have a few)

I’ve looked for those on the forum but may have missed some/ couldn’t find all. Feel free to chance to preferred name and add or short description.
This is a wiki so please add yourself directly:

Erica @TechnicalNature
Sharon @sharmarval
Rachel @rachels42
Curie @Curieous
Grit @Grit
Jason @jrae
Gianpy @gpinuk
Barry @Barry_W
Faustine @FaustDelasalle
Katherine @KatWelb
Sagar @Sagar
Trystan @Trystan_Lea
Woon @WoonTan
Paul @pmackay
Dave @DaveGreen
…still to add some but need to run …

Hey all London group @rachels42 @Curieous @Grit @jrae @gpinuk @Barry_W @FaustDelasalle @KatWelb @Sagar @Trystan_Lea @WoonTan @pmackay @DaveGreen @daaain @djwesto and more…

@sharmarval has started a new thread to start getting our ideas, conversations going about what we may want to focus on this year! Please join in :slight_smile: We’ll also be looking to get a meetup going soon on the ground to discuss these ideas!