Green Delta (team behind OpenLCA) are based in Berlin

Open LCA is a F/LOSS Life Cycle Assessment Tool, run and managed by Green Delta.
Let’s get in touch and see if they would like to collaborate or set a challenge!


I e-mailed Andreas Ciroth about the event, a week ago, and he replied that he is interested in it. If he has not contacted you yet, please e-mail him at or let me know with whom on the Berlin team to put him in touch.


Hi Silvia - yes, Franziska Möller has been in contact this week, we are trying to work out a time to meet them and find a way to collaborate on their own challenge or see if they can help others in some way. I’ll keep you posted!


@cameralibre: Have you already met someone from OpenLCA? In which challenges do they plan to participate? I wonder whether OpenLCA could contribute to Circular Textiles. Does it make sense to compare their approach to lifecycle assessment with the C2C assessment of healthy materials and how OpenLCA could be used as a tool for the Circular Textile Economy? Then it would be great if they participate in the Material Session of the Circular Textile Challenge.

Hi Sophia, Yes, there will be someone from openLCA at the venue - probably on Saturday. If you like, i can send you over her contact details. Maybe you can arrange something?

And I’ll try to bring her to the forum as well.

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