[GR15] Add a Channel to the OSCEdays15 Live-Stream (Global Reporting OSCEdays15)

(part of the OSCEdays15 global reporting [GR15].)

##Add a Channel:

Do you want to add a channel and send video live-streams or video recordings to the OSCEdays community? Next to the OSCEdays Main Reporting Channel run by a global team there is room for more channels. Maybe you want to organize a series of live talks with experts from all over the world like @Gien from CapeTown or you want to stream something else permanently like a prototyping session or whatever. Please add your channel.

Post us a link to your channel + a short description what you want to do there here in this thread or get in touch with us via direct message (to @Lars2i & @Timm)

Feel free to use whatever tech you want to use. As long as others can plug in and view what you do. The OSCEdays Main Channel uses Google Hangouts On Air. Google Hangouts is not open source or libre software but the best option available: It allows with Hangouts On Air free live-streams/broadcasting – also of interviews and interactive things – and publishes automatically to YouTube.

Here is a little guide how to set up a Channel using Hangouts:

##Create A Channel Using Hangouts On Air

  • go to Google Plus - Googles Social Network – and create an account. This account is your channel!

  • To start a video-stream go to Hangouts while you are logged in to your Google Plus account and choose the option „Hangouts on Air“. Follow the steps of creating a new event. This will result in a public posting on your accounts wall about the upcoming stream. Once you clicked on „start broadcasting“ this post on your wall will show a „Now Live“ sign. Everyone who clicks on this will see your broadcasting.

  • When your show is over click on „stop broadcasting“. The Live-Stream will end and the whole video will be uploaded imediately to youtube (your Google Plus account adds automatically a YouTube account for you). The posting on your wall will now transform into a link to this video.

  • If you want to invite other people to the discussion – to become part of your show – share with them the link of your hangout event that is visible in the URL bar of the window where you see the video of your hangout event. You can share this link also in a comment under the posting about the hangout on your wall. Everyone who clicks on that link can join the conversation (up to 9 people at the same time) as long has he has the hangouts plugin installed.

  • Google hangouts provides a lot more options. Check them out, experiment with it. Once you have started you will discover them yourself anyway.