Global NODE Connectors - Overview

###Update October 2015:
This topic and the “global node connectors” approach was replaced by the channel keepers topic and approach.

OSCEdays Community Building and Node Connectors

##What are Nodes and Node Connectors?
Part of the global OSCEdays organization and community building are global node connectors. Node Connectors focus on particular subjects e.g. “Textiles” or “LCA”. They will monitor the OSCEdays community around this topic (e.g. by subscribing to the tag “textiles”) and keep an overview. The goal is international collaboration and the role of global connectors is to connect the network, introduce people with similar people to each other and more. So in short: Node connectors will

  • keep an overview about everything what is going on around their subject in the OSCEdays network,
  • introduce people and ideas to each other, and try to catalyze connections
  • bring in new experts and organizations from their field into the OSCEdays network, connecting them to local organizers for example. Therefore global node connectors will also serve as entry point for businesses, individuals and initiatives to engage with the OSCEdays network.

##+ Add a Node

Do you like become a Node Connector for a certain subject and do everything mentioned above? Tell us about your idea. Generally it is easy to become a Node Connector - just start the work described above - connect the community.

You can create a topic for it, where you describe the Node Connecting you are doing and what is your focus. This allows people to understand better, what is your motivation when you ping them and also allows others to join you in your work and maybe build something bigger with you. Put “[NODE]” in front of your topic name and put the topic in the “Community Building” category. And leave a remark here to let people about it.

Try to pick a subect for your work that is specific like “3d printing” but not too specific like “3d printing with bioplastics”.

Create a topic about it in the “Global OSCEdays Organization” category. We are looking forward to hear from you.

##Nodes so far
more might be in the Community Building Category

Hi Lars,

I would like to add two global nodes. The Circular Economic Value System (CEVS) node and Local Circular Economy for Base of Pyramid (LCEBP) node as these challenges will benefit from a global team effort. The first is the one we introduced you to in our initial call with you. We are intending to present LCEBP challenge via the Chicago OSCE whilst the LCEBP will be a challenge at Cape Town and Johannesburg OSCE. Do we need to discuss the proposals with you and the community first? Thanks!

Hi Gien,

thanks for your interest! :smile:

I am not really sure, if both things suggested are good for nodes. They seem very specific. As far as i understood the node system it is more about general concepts, like “alternative currencies” for example. The things you describe above look more like a challenge. And maybe people in this challenge can spread out and suggest to others to use their solution. If it becomes more anticipated, it could turn into a node.

But maybe you have a different idea of nodes or you have good reasons, why you think this two would make great nodes. Please share, if you like. Create a new topic for it and send a comment here to this topic.

No problem! Incidentally, the Economic Value system I am talking about is actually the same as the “alternative currency” built with blockchains…the guys just don’t like to call it “currency” because it goes beyond currency…but it is built with blockchain technology.

Hi Lars,

I would like to add Self Sufficiency node. A challenge to create/share open source and circular Self Sufficiency Green Fab Labs (Conventional Fab Lab plus Green Farm). Let me Know it works!



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Hi @Marcvit - Tim @unteem , @Xavier_C where thinking about having one around that area as well as we’ve realised have related challenges to link-up (France and in London, and most likely more organisers around the world), but maybe more around Circular Economy Inspired Maker places or something (encompassing, fab labs, hackspaces etc)… although not sure of what exact wording could be. Think self-sufficiency may be much wider as as could then apply to an individual, home etc - so maybe good to focus it to the place more?

Jeap, it sounds like a good idea. “Self-Sufficiency” might be a bit to meta - when i think about the from PIWO to DIDO model many things from the world of circular economy are linked to “self-sufficiency”.

I think a node connector should spot and connect people that should talk to each other because they share very similar problems and could help each other out on a very hands-on practical level. I am not sure, if “self-sufficiency” is specific enough for that? How do you see this @Marcvit - on what basis would you as a node connector connect people?

On the other hand, i really like the idea of @TechnicalNature @unteem & @Xavier_C to have a node connectors around “places” (suggestion for a name). This is something very specific. Build a place or places with & for circular economy principles! And this is defenitely something where node connectors would be super super helpful! Someone up to take that task :slight_smile: ?

. . . from PIWO to DIDO:

img, by lz, cc-by-sa

Yep agree with @Lars2i “self-sufficiency” is too meta. But focusing on community spaces makes it more clear. It could definitely be considered as a node as it seems a lot of us will be working on it. I would not say Circular Economy Inspired Maker places though as it can also be relevant to any kind of places.

This node could be lead by @Xavier_C @TechnicalNature and @Marcvit as it will be one of your main topic. Happy to be here for support. I personally will be working on a self-sufficient city, so some aspects can be linked to it.


jeap, “places” or “spaces” is something @Alice_audrey and @simonlee would be defenitely be interested in! They plan to create a circular economy lab in berlin. (Alice & Simon, just look at the last 3 to 4 comments.)

Update: btw. I added the tag “spaces” to the system.