Gathering in Lisbon - Physical and Telepresence

Hello, thank you for making LISBON a new city of OSCE. I want to propose a first gathering in Lisbon, Portugal first week of February. Also, let’s extend it to those who can’t be present physically and make it part Tele-presence. BTW, does anyone have an idea of what would be a good Open Source version of ? What are your preferences?
Best, Thomas

Count me in. The most recent event in Vienna used zoom and it worked well. Check with @frugalacademy on details on set-up and managing during event.

@huelfe @cameralibre any info on OS virtual meeting tools? Thank you.

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I use for 1-on-1s and small groups, which works well, and I’ve had good experiences using Nextcloud Talk for larger groups - but of course for that, you need a Nextcloud instance installed.

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Hi @cameralibre - Let me know if you would like to discuss. I have a nextcloud account as well

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and, of course, I am definitely up to participating…

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oh, I think this message is meant for @TVC, who is organising the Lisbon event.

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Thanks @cameralibre @Silvia @MichaSouza @frugalacademy!
I’m thinking about a suitable date for the gathering. It might be all-virtual, but that’s ok, we have to start somehow. How about Mon 4 ? For the meeting tool, let’s just use what we all have at hand. For me that would be
Nextcloud is interesting, too. Is it of German origin? Hope to meet you all at some point!
Best, @TVC

Hi Thomas,

Feb 4 will not work well, as we have our monthly Board of Stewardship call at 7 pm GMT. Please feel free to join us, we will introduce ourselves and answer your questions. E-mail me your Skype contact, if you want to join us.

Another day that week will work. Thank you.