Festival4sce Pre-Festival and OSCEdays Collaboration

##Three Days of Solidarity, Creativity and Sustainability
####From Theory to Practice!

####Open Project Spithari, Marathon - Greece ,12-14 June 2015

The second pre-festival event of Solidarity, Creativity, and Sustainability, is going to take place at the open Project Spithari – Waking Life, located in Greece, in Marathon Town, from 12th till 14th of June 2015.

Following last year’s successful pre-festival event at the self-managed camping of Voula, this year’s event is moving from the acquired theory to practice, focusing on promoting the eco-community based living and exchanging practices, technical know-how and further insights.

The Festival with provide the chance to learn and create whatever is conducive to the growth of self-sufficiency, aiming at the same time to help the current projects move forward and encourage the creation of future sustainable places.

It makes sense for OSCEdays to collaborate with the Festival in the move towards a different kind of society, based on openness, co-operation and environmentally-friendly technology, towards a self-sufficiency.

####So how should we do it? Let’s use the discussion and this wiki to not down some ideas and potential sychronicities.

###Possible Ideas

  • An Open Source Circular Economy Workshop
  • Documentation hack of the open project Spithari- Waking Life
  • Potential location for all or parts of the hackathon, providing a space of technology experimentation relating to eco-community living and OSCE
  • Add your ideas here