Festival of Solidarity and Cooperative Economy

####The Festival4sce promotes a world that fosters communication, mutual exchange and the transition to a society based on participation and cooperation; which aims at self-management, solidarity, sustainability, self-sufficiency and at respecting man and nature alike.

###The 3rd Festival4sce

The third Festival for Solidarity & Cooperative Economy in Athens was held between October 10th and 12th, 2014. Groups from different European countries were invited to exchange experiences, knowledge and struggles under the slogan “Another world is here, be part of it!”

Around 200 initiatives from over Greece participated in the previous festivals and hundreds of volunteers helped organise them. Participants varied from social clinics and solidarity pharmacies to time banks, social kitchens, seed banks, eco-communities, cooperatives or social solidarity and exchange networks, including initiatives like the worker’s self-managed factory of Vio.Me, the Kinisi 136 water movement, the Spithari eco-community project, the collective of Kafeneio Akadimias or Athens Time Bank, amongst others.

The Festival is entirely organized horizontally by grassroots initiatives through collective decision making, direct democracy processes, reciprocity, solidarity, participatory leadership and collective intelligence.
Debates centered around: the commons, de-growth, exchange networks, alternative currencies, labour collectives, eco-communities, waste management, resource allocation, sustainability and social participation.

###Upcoming Pre-Festival

On the 12, 13, 14th of June, during the time of the OSCEdays hackathon, Festival of Solidarity and Cooperative Economy will hold a pre-festival at Spithari, a venture towards an eco-community in Marathonas.

###Read more on the Pre-Festival and join the discussion on how we can collaborate

Festival for Solidarity and Cooperative Economy
Information: www.festival4sce.org & https://trello.com/festival4sce
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/festival4sce
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Twitter: @athensfest4sce

This collabaration could be of most resulting.
As a representative of the upcoming prefest4sce i will be here contributing as much as i can.:slight_smile: