[EVENT] SenseCamp 2015

OSCE day workshop during the Sensecamp Berlin on July the 27

Context :

A SenseCamp is an unconference for social entrepreneurship and innovation. The highly interactive and community-based event brings together the global MakeSense network and regional ecosystems to boost action and engagement. SenseCamp is the place to discover and exchange new ideas, actionable insights and success/failure stories. And in the evening, you can shake out some moves at the infamous NonSense party! Launched in 2012 in Berlin, SenseCamps have happened all over the world, from São Paulo to Singapore, and have featured speakers such as Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Liam Black, Charles Eisenstein, Rodrigo Baggio, and many more. As Makesense and its program Future of Waste have been partners for the OSCE days, Sensecamp Berlin was a good opportunity to make the whole community aware of the high potential of mixing open-source and circular economy. Unfortunately time was to short to crowdsource ideas on how to create an open source governance to would help sustain the OSCE days movement on the long term but conversation will continue Online

Animators :

Lars Zimmerman @bricktick
Artist & Open Source Economist: #OpenSource for #CircularEconomy and #Freedom; works with @OSCEdays and @OpenItAgency

Maxime Lathuilière @maxlath
Exploring paths toward an economy empowering citizens with #OpenKnowledge • prototyping @inventaire_io#VRM #WebOfData #Wikidata #JS @OuiShareLabs

Pavlik @elfpavlik
#hacker / #elf - living strictly #moneyless and #stateless already for over 6 years!
@hackers4peace @polyeconomy #WorldPeaceGame #ZeroWaste

Antoine Delaunay @FOWaste
FoW connects innovators, people passionate or curious about waste. We help innovators to find smart solutions to waste challenges through our remix workshops.

The program was divided into 3 parts mixing insights of the animators and contributions from the attendees

  1. Open Source
  2. Circular Economy
  3. Open Governance for the OSCE days

A. Open Source
a. Examples of revolutions in information sharing : from the invention of writing to the birth of social network, several milestones like printing, radio, television not only shaped the way we worked, but also the way we think and the relations of power within our society
b. Definition of Open Source : the best definition we can build upon is the one of open source Hardware
c. There are 10 Rules to define what is open Source or not
d. Scope of Open source philosophy : Attendees are shown that the concept of open source can be everywhere : softwares, but also furnitures, arts, sciences, government
e. Notions similar to open source
i. Free
ii. P2P
iii. Commons
f. Discussion about what are the different licensing systems that can be used
g. Exemples of emblematic Open Source software
i. Arduino
ii. Mozilla
iii. Linux
iv. Wordpress
v. Wikipedia

B. Circular Economy
a. We took the definition of the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation : A circular economy is one that is restorative by design, and which aims to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, distinguishing between technical and biological cycles.
b. Similar notions
i. Biomimicry
ii. Industrial ecology
iii. Cradle to cradle
iv. Blue economy
c. Exemples of emblematic open source circular economy project
i. Open Structures
ii. Shower Loop
iii. Open Source ecology
d. Discussion about the advantages and coherence of mixing circular economy and open source: we talked about how open data could create better resources allocation (in the field of food waste for instance), how it can create better resilience through decentralization and forked diversity, how it is easier to repair or recycle and how good ideas can benefit from fast replication

C. The OSCE days movement
How can we ensure long-lasting involvement and trust of members for next years?
How to finance the coordination and support tasks ?
How to prevent from a drift in the values or mission ? How to define and broadcast clear guidelines ?
How can the governance reflects the open source philosophy ?
What are the reasons to post on the forum in-between the events?