Event Organzation: How to sucessfully organize and calculate your event

Hello. I am Maike Majewski from the Transition Network Berlin-Brandenburg.

#Ask Me About
Event organizing: What do you need to consider when organzing your event? How can you make you financial balance calculation easy and transparent? How can you organize your team and make sure that eveything gets done?

#When & How Will I Answer Questions
I will look into the forum every few days (mostly late at night) and try to answer a soon as possible. I will be present a lot of the time at the OSCEdays Berlin.

#About Me
I’ve been helping to organize and coordinate events, workshops, conferences, group meetings and associations since the 1990s in various settings (from small fixed groups to random voluteer gatherings, from a few people to several hundred participants, from formal associations to grassroot activist groups). Currently I’m active as a networker, facilitator and coordinator for Transition Town Pankow and Transition Berlin-Brandenburg.