[EVENT DOCU] OSCEdays London June 12-14, 2015

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This is the documentation of the OSCEdays London event. It is not the documentation of the challenges! You will be able to find these in the challenges (link below). This is more for overall general impressions and activities from the event.

We had an event from the evening of the 12th to 14th of June held at the Fab Lab London. The days were focused around participants working on set challenges in teams, learning about them, developing concepts, presenting and documenting.


During the OSCEdays one of the highlights was a lot of live uncut, unrehearsed and completely uplifting and fascinating reporting – live-video chats with 25 cities. Here is the report from our venue during our slot on the Saturday afternoon with the global reporters from the hub in Berlin:


In London we had around 4 Headline Challenges, one brought to the event and one satellite challenge that linked to the London group but happened elsewhere.

We will be clarifying the documentation and looking at how we can share outcomes and support continued development for these.


The development of the OSCEdays London happened completely transparently (after a bit of foundation work and groundwork building). We used open-source-methodology and platform for this and this resulted in people joining not only for the event but also in davance to support development. The centre of this was our READ ME document

READ ME - OSCEdays London 2015

London OSCEdays 2015 website subpage

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To the Community!

Please share the documentation about challenges in the challenge topics. All documentation that is more about the general event, please share it here…

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We would like to thank our sponsor The Knowledge Transfer Network and are looking forward to ongoing and meaningful continued discussions, collaborations and practical actions around an Open source Circular Economy!