[DRAFT] Reflections on FixFest Part 2

Note: post is a wiki. Feel free to edit @seigorobinson

This post is the second blog in a two part piece reflecting on our experiences at Fix Fest. You can read about our overall reflections on FixFest here.

One motivation for this post, is that, a co-organiser of our workshop at FixFest, looking perplexed, asked me over dinner “…but, what would you do at an open design meet-up?”. So, in this piece, we want to explore how the outcomes of the workshop we ran at the event could be supported through more openness.

Here is the FixFest etherpad documenting the solutions. [I will add more detail to the etherpad in the coming days]

We identified five groups:

Group 1: Non-interested user: Someone really not interest in fixing, didn’t enjoy it, no knowledge, into buying new
No idea of the community or how to participate
Group 2: Neurodivergent people. Learning difficulties might respond better to sensory simuli than others.
Group 3: People who don’t see the value - lack of trust in repair and thinking it’s impossible, lack of education and background knowledge.
Group 4: User: 30-40 year old working people who aren’t so interested and don’t have time.
Group 5: Young people 16-25 year olds. Trying to change the throwaway culture from a young age so young people value things for longer.

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@seigorobinson are you still interested to do this? I’m keen to post these blogs starting next week.

Yes I am. I’ll be attending what is slated to be the biggest repair cafe ever at the Circular Cambridge Festival. I was going to download your insights and think about what a useful ‘product’ could be - did you want me to input before you posted?

I posted the first blog already. Let’s work on this one together over the next few weeks and publish.