Draft - Community Forum Invitation Mail

Update: Here is the final mail that was sent out: [COMMUNITY MAIL, April 13, 2015] - The OSCEdays Forum is up! - Invitation to join us

Hi @cameralibre & @unteem

this is a draft for a mail to send out to the community of local organizers to invite them to the forum/platform.

The mail will also be published in the forum. Not sure if in the „General Discussion“ category or the „Community Building“. - probably the general dicussion.

Sam, Tim, treat this topic like a wiki and just edit here.

The OSCEdays Forum is up! - Invitation to join us.

##TEXT (draft):
Hello dear local organizers and OSCEdays network!

We are very proud to inform you that our OSCEdays forum is up and ready!

Forum link? Read this email in our forum: LINKLINKLINK… with the published text

The forum is our platform where all our communication and collaboration can happen - before, during and after the OSCEdays. Here you can post challenges, ask for help or advice, and also organize your event in a very transparent and open way.



We encourage you to post some of your challenges as early as possible and start using the forum. The earlier that we have content in the network, the more people will be inspired and understand what our OSCEdays are all about, and how to get involved. Alliances and networks can be built long before the OSCEdays, in order achieve their potential during the event and form ongoing relationships into the future.
Posting early will also mean that you are more familiar with the forum and how it works, so you can get the most out of it during the event.

We’ve written a guide for "How To Post A Challenge“ and also posted some early examples for challenges in the forum for inspiration. If you’re unsure of the best framing and approach for your challenge, just post a basic overview and we can help you develop it in the forum.


The OSCEdays are an event about open source, so we have an open source style of event organization as well! Using the community forum can help you to shift a lot of your conversation out of your email-accounts, reduce organisational workloads, keep everyone informed, and provide people with opportunities to help you.

You could start with a simple READ ME and organize everything from there. To get an idea, see how our team from Berlin has approached it: READ ME FIRST - Berlin OSCEdays 2015 [closed & archived]

###3 OWNCLOUD + COMMENT: I am not sure, if we should this information already in the first mail. Could be too much info at once. If they read the How To Post A Challenge guide they will find the info anyway, also somewhere else. Could also be good for Sam, to slowly learn, what people ask, if they are interested.

To help you collaborate and keep useful information at hand, we also have an ownCloud service for sharing and synchronizing files, documents, calendars and contacts - we will be rolling this out over the coming weeks - but if you’d like to start using it immediately, just contact Sam on the forum for a login.

Ok, thank you very much, we’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon in our forums.

All the best,

Lars & the OSCEdays Core Team Sharon, Erica, Nadia, Sam & Tim

@cameralibre - ping me when you are done. then i’ll send it out.

@Lars2i done.

Yep, let’s keep it simple, I reduced the info about ownCloud for now - it doesn’t need its own subheading, just a note that it is there and available. Once I have a little more documentation posted (eg ‘how to collaboratively edit documents’ ), we will be ready to push ownCloud out for everybody to use.

I also added a sentence saying it’s ok to just start with a challenge overview, and we can help them develop the idea - I think some people might not be confident enough in their challenge to post a deep and detailed fully-fledged challenge, so we should make it easy for them to get started and then help them grow it on the forum.

Update: Here is the final mail that was sent out: [COMMUNITY MAIL, April 13, 2015] - The OSCEdays Forum is up! - Invitation to join us