Documentation of event-organising

We should document which tools are used to organise which tasks in planning the osce-day- events. The idea is to enable us to create an open source toolbox for people to use when they are planning events, so they’re no longer dependent on commercial platforms like skype, google, facebook, dropbox etc. for sharing data, cooperating in writing texts and coordinating tasks. It will also make it easier in the coming years to organise the OSCE-Days and avoid common traps and frustrating time-guzzlers like miscommunication, forgotten items on the to-do list and double-planning.

My experience with event-planning shows that we would need to combine tools for communication, data sharing, decision making, task and progress documentation.
Currently I’m working on a questionaire to evaluate others’ past experiences. This should help open source developers (which I’m not) to know what we need.

Anyone intested in helping to write the survey questions, to translate them from English into other languages and to spread the survey to people who have event-planning experience is very welcome.


Yes I think this is quite helpful. However people tend to be very much in love with the tools they already use, so I believe there needs to be a strong incentive for switching over to less glossy alternatives to the proprietary tools/platforms. Any thoughts?

I’m mainly interested in finding out which tools people love and why. And then find a way to combine these features to make things easier. No-one needs convincing when things are just convenient to use. Anyhow, I don’t want to sell this to anyone, it’s just supposed to be a better alternative (even if less glossy, people might love the fact that their data is safer).