[DOCUMENTATION CHALLENGE] Circular Textile Challenge

SUNDAY, 14th of June
10.00-13.00: documentation of the Circular Textile Challenge 2015

  • Baseline 2015 & Vision 2050
  • Roadmap 2015-2050
  • From Vision to Action
    14.00-16.00: writing the position paper for the public consultation process of the EC
  • 14.00-15.00: questionnaire (textile perspective)
  • 15.00-16.00: main statements for the position paper of the OSCEDays with regard to textiles (1 page)


[part of the Circular Textiles Challenge(s) Berlin]

As this is a documentation challenge already, it may be a little bit too meta to try to document the documenting… but should you need an upload folder or collaborative document for this workshop, it makes sense to use the same locations and naming structure of the other challenges. So here you go, use is optional:

PAD: https://pad.oscedays.org/p/berlin_ct-documentation
FOLDER: http://is.gd/ct_documentation