Do people like to be more involved in the processes that make their clothes?

I would like to work on ideas how we can create alternative concepts to contemporary fashion system. i would like to come in touch with not only fashion professionals but mostly with fashion consumers to get to know from their perspective what do they wish and expect from cloths.

For an example: How much do they like to be involved in the process of making clothes?

Today clothes making is completely outsourced and the consumer receive the ready-made product.

By starting to work on ideas from consumers point of view i want the consumers to be involved and to take on responsibility for the cloths they want to wear.


To get a reacher volume of brainstorming
producer can stand for all participants in the process of making cloths.
Fabricmaker, Fabricdyer, Clothmaker, Retailor and there are many more participants we can look at and ask how we want to be involved, what do we espect by getting our cloths.

To get started with brainstorming i have found this inspiring video of Mathilda Tham, design academic and futurist.


Hi @kriss

Admin note: This is a very interesting question you ask: Do people like to be more involved in the processes that make their clothes?

Maybe you can change the name (headline) of your topic to that. Because it seems it is your main question. And then invite people to an open brainstorming. Ask them to share their perspectives, ideas or projects they know, that try to do a change.

Comment: I for example really like this project: COMAKE you can buy the shoe ready made or put it together yourself and by that learn a bit about it and you’ll be able to repair it later and so on. It would be interesting what their experience is so far: How many people want to make their own shoes?

Hi Lars!
Thank you for your notes and inspiration. It´s great that you understand my topic.

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Yes, it’s a very interesting topic!
Just like mentioned in the video, it’s a big problem that we don’t value our clothes. I think you’r on to something with this Kristina, a way to start value clothes more would maybe be if you’d get more involved with the process of how your clothes get produced.
I’m also interested in knowing more about the point of view of the consumers and what their ideas are about how they’d like to be involved.