DISEÑO PARA LA PAZ (design for the peace) CHALLENGE

Colombia has been in a kind of internal war for over 50 years. last generations have become accustomed to it and do not know a real and permanent peace, often the major cities have not lived as strong as rural communities, who have taken over most of this impact.

Colombia is currently developing a peace process with some of the actors in the armed conflict, and also is generating a dialogue that allows us to understand to all Colombians what means to live in peace.

We invite all those interested in participating in a design challenge that invites us to reflect: what means designing for peace? as the design allows become an actor that expand a look at what PEACE means?

the parameters for this participation challenge are:

  • You can design A graphic, artistic, objectual or conceptual material to invite reflect about PEACE

  • Should allow an open dialogue to all

  • Should be invited to live the PEACE

  • Projects will be presented during the week of 9 to 13 June in OSCEDays.

We invite everyone to participate.