[DISCUSSION] European Commons Assembly

Should OSCEdays formally endorse the European Commons Assembly?

This is a central voice bringing together commons representatives in Europe. Of course it is Europe-centric and we are global, nonetheless I think it is worth considering. Many of our friends have formally supported it. What are your thoughts @BoST?


It’s definitely aligned to our work and it can only help to align.

Makes a lot of sense! :slight_smile:

Omnia sunt communia!

I am for it. Thank you, Sharon, for the idea.

It might be a good question to post on Loomio with decision due by 31 July, next BoST call.

I have moved the discussion to Loomio as a decision poll. https://www.loomio.org/p/U5DasHj4/european-commons-assembly

European Commons Assembly supporting statement:

@BoST and everybody else, please review and edit by 14 August.

The OSCEdays is an open network with the main objective of exploring the Open Source Circular Economy. We are proud commoners, from all continents, who believe that a sustainable, waste free, circular economy needs transparency, open access to information and open source solutions. We envision a global ecosystem of resilient local circular economies bound by the spirit of openness, collaboration, diversity and motivation for a thriving planet and fairer society.

Our collaboration and work are based on participatory democratic principles of bottom-up and middle-out decision-making and systemic positive transformation.

We want a Commons that experiences no more tragedies, we want a “Triumph of the Commons”. We are delighted to answer the call for A European Commons Assembly.


Only comment would be that this section (end of second paragraph) reads a bit jargon-y, for example I’m not sure what “middle-out” means. -> "and middle-out decision-making and systemic positive transformation."
Otherwise looks great - thanks!

middle out = from the center in all directions, an American concept of economics based on the idea that wealth is created in a virtuous cycle around a thriving middle-class. I like the concept applied to politics and decision-making, in general. It’s closer to the idea of a circle or spiral than linear top-down or bottom-up. And that it does not put anybody at the bottom. Of course, I also like it because President Obama used the concept a lot.

Let me know how to re-phrase it.


Hi Sharon, it’s time to submit our signature on EC’s website and the statement on our website. Please let me know if you will do that or you want me to do it. Thank you.

@Silvia I’ve been in Ireland the last while so have been quiet. I’m happy to submit it. My only comment is to update the first sentence to replace ‘network’ with ‘community and association’ as I think network doesn’t really fully capture our structure. I’ll upload it asap and let you know.

Hi Sharon, I was hoping you are on vacation, it must have been wonderful to be back home. Thank you for taking care of EC.

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I have added our signature to the ‘call’. However, it didn’t ask me for a statement from us. I’m not sure why, still looking into that.


We can put the statement on our main website or in the next newsletter. I’ll keep it as an action, so we remember to do it. Thank you.