[DISCUSSION] European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform

Short notice, but I think this is something that we should potentially be participating in. I’m happy to read through and submit an expression of interest if @BoST agree?


I am for it, I can help with the application if you need me to.

Please note the deadline is 31 August, so we’ll have to assume no answer means yes.

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Let’s read the documentation/guidance and submit tomorrow some time? Pending replies from others.

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I say yes, and also notice deadline is tomorrow! So no time to waste.

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I have read the guidance and it requires that we would register on the EU transparency register. I have done this before for another organisation and as far as I recall it requires that we are a formal entity. http://ec.europa.eu/transparencyregister/public/homePage.do

It might not apply to us then, in any case, I just read the whole application and I already got a headache due to “bureaucratic allergy”.

We’ll take a pass on this, right?

Ha, yes. Too short notice and I think given the limited number of places that will be allocated it is unlikely that we would be accepted anyway.