Develop a way to identify vulnerable water users in the city - City of Cape Town Challenge

The City of Cape Town, via Alderman Smith asked if anyone in our hack group can suggest ways to identify vulnerable water users throughout the city. These would be sick, elderly or infirm people who have no easy way to get to the water distribution points.

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The health and social services would be my first port of call. I don’t suppose any members are present here? Local charities might also be a source of info - there’s some data protection issues though.

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another approach is to work more closely with the Neighbourhood Watch associations, which I believe are already working with the City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management Centre. For example Bothazig - is actively working on this. These organisations have a good idea who their people are, or how to reach them. And they will have more info as time goes on.

Excellent suggestion Dan! I’m part of our own local community water resiliency group and this came up during our intiial meeting - identifying who the vulnerable people are in our community. This distributed approach is very sensible, as the people in the community will have the best chances of knowing each other. We already made a plan to go door knocking and finding out about people.

The local community organizer suggested we convene all the community groups together and if we do, this would be a good opportunity to mobilize people to identify the vulnerable.

@William, I’ll check with Dept of Social Services to see if we can coordinate with them. They are a national body so maybe the national and muncipal need to coordinate on this issue.

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the city put out a call for volunteers from the Neighbourhhood watch and other community groups - the contact address for application is
and the press release is here

The neighbourhood watch groups themselves are coordinated with the South African Police Service (SAPS), the Community Policing Forum (CPF) - that may be another source to draw up lists of the vulnerable, or at least, of groups that could serve them in this challenge.

Grassroots will be better than higher government to get at this. Alderman Smith just yesterday described getting resources from government as an “incredibly difficult challenge” - the story is here

This google search gets quite a good list

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This is a really important project. Lets develop something intercities.


cool. I’ll enter it into the Open Hack as well and mention what you suggested.

I’ve started a Drupal pilot project to try this out.

Hi @endprogresstraps, @RicardoRug, @DavidOH

Open Hack have worked on this hack on the weekend. They are presenting it, amongst other hacks, at 13:00 CET or 14:00 SAST

The live stream will be posted on the facebook event,

Interact with them on their telegram channel, to be posted at the FB event page