Denver To-Do List

This is a working To-Do list

Open Tasks

  • Add Global Challenges to website (Greg by COB 06/01)
  • Create presentations for event. (Greg and Brenna by COB 06/07)

Completed tasks

  • Find venue
  • Create OSCE Days event on Eventbrite. (Greg by COB 05/30)
  • Create program for Thursday Night and potentially Monday Night. (Greg by COB 05/30) - Only running event on Thursday night.
  • Tailor content for communication. (Greg ‘first draft’ COB 05/30) - Replaced with MailChimp Campaign
  • Update Denver OSCE Days website with additional content. (Greg by COB 06/01)
  • Create MailChimp Campaign (Greg by COB 06/01)
  • Promote event on FB (Greg by COB 06/02)
  • Research potential partners/partner networks. (Greg by COB 05/31)
  • Send out communication to network. (Alliance Communications by COB 06/01)(Greg by COB 06/01)
  • Find potential event sponsors?
  • Add Challenges to OSCEdays forum. (Greg by COB 06/07)
  • Sign up for global reporting (Greg by COB 06/07)
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Welcome Greg and Denver team to the OSCEdays 2016! I am very happy to see Colorado on the US map this year ( I lived in Boulder for a few years). Good luck with your event, I look forward to seeing some of it online. I will also ask all my friends to attend.

Let me know if you need any help. Silvia

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Thanks Silvia, it’s great to have your support.

Sent the invite to all my friends in Colorado, I hope some or all of them will go. Have fun and see you online.

Awesome, thanks Silvia.