Delete "Global Coordination Category"

Hi, i deleted the “Global Coordination” Category. It was empty. So no harm done. We can reinstall it when we think we need it.

But i think, we don’t do. Because the Parent-Category “Global OSCEdays Organization” is already fit to do the job of a general introduction. It would have been the same to have also “Global Coordination” i think.

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I agree, but I think that for this kind of thing a better process would be to post something like:

“I think the global coordination category is unnecessary because A), B) and C). Please comment here to say if you agree or not; if no opposition to the idea has been made within 24 hours (08:41CET, 08.04.15) then I will delete the category.”

This way you can also ping anybody who you think may have an opinion on the matter (eg platform development team members in this case.)

For little things like this, it’s not so much of a problem to take executive action and then inform people of the change, but we need to get in the practice of ensuring that all voices are heard and valued

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You are absolutely right. Excuse me. I made a mistake. Will do it the suggested way in the future.