Creating a small scale, modular, diy green Facade-System for Buildings

The Idea
Creating a modular green facade which is designed following the Cradle to Cradle Principles. The facade-modul can be assembled and attached to the wall or balcony from everybody.

In the discussion about Circular Citys and the changing climate in Cities Green Roofs and Facades are one important Tool to improve living in a City.
Green Roofs and Facades improve Air Quality, support Biodiversity and are cooling the climate in a City.
In the moment the systems for Green Facades are rather complicated and need a lot knowledge to maintain.
Thats why i had the idea of designing a modular facade system.
There is a need for simple, modular and diy Green Facades which are designed following the Cradle to Cradle Design principles. You can call it vertical guerillia farming if you like.
This small scale green modules can enable citizens to shape their personal space on balconys or under there windows like they want and create a higher value of living.


  • Water supply
  • How to attach the facade modul to the balcony or facade
  • Legal constrains
  • What Materials to use

Request for Links and Project-Ideas
Do you have case-Studys or links which can be useful for this project? Just add the link in the comments and feel free to comment this topic. Your insight is highly appreciated.

Action plan

  • Collect Ideas and Examples in this topic during the Dif-Festival and Open labs
  • Define specific Action
  • Translate the Ideas into a specific draft and try to build it
  • Create a Step-by-Step plan to let the idea grow and improve by the community

The Idea

I think it is also important that the use of this product should be exposed at this point, I mean, if it is specifically decorative or for the production of food, etc. This can help close the problem a bit and help develop the idea much more easily, and over time go climbing or leave this work adaptive to the community.


  • Water supply :slight_smile:
    It could be a system of irrigation thanks to the reuse (for example of the water that is discarded of activities inside the home) or obtaining of rainwater (although this will depend on the climatic characteristics of the city) or that it uses a system of irrigation programmable and scalable.

  • How to attach the facade modul to the balcony or facade
    Should be a system that does not imply a technical adaptation of great difficulty, but that almost with the tools that can be had in a home this can be installed

  • Legal constrains
    Depend on the legislation of each city?

  • What Materials to use
    Would pose the use of 2 types: those that are made of a compostable material (some like but it would be necessary a constant process of manufacturing and replaceable parts in very short periods.

Or that are made of materials that are difficult or expensive to recycle (for example, plastics such as those on computer housings or batteries) but which can easily be crushed and melted (without much separation process, metalic parts may be embedded as additive material) to obtain the necessary parts without a very complicated process as shown in Https:// Where the mateirals are for example crushed and fused into a kind of co-recycling.

Request for Links and Project-Ideas
this for see kind of materials to be co-recycling

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Great idea. You should get in touch with the vertical garden group @ baumhaus, they will be doing a zero waste program during the 'European week for waste reduction’.


I developed a vertical adaptable window shutter system in 2010.
have a look at GRUENZEUG -

If someone in Berlin is interested to further develop the enterprise, feel free to get in contact with me. Circular thanks.