[COMMUNITY MAIL, May 14, 2015] - Let’s start developing the Open Source Circular Economy Days

###Hello dear friends and organizers!

So this is it, here we are. Only a few days to go and 35 cities in. This is amazing and from the calls I had the chance to have with some of you, I can’t wait to see what you guys are cooking up. Super inspiring.

Now we have to develop the event. For this it is important that you publish information about your event and your challenges:

##1 Add Info To Your Event Subpage
Your city subpage on oscedays.org should contain at least some basic information: Date(s), Time(s), Venue, Organizers, Tickets plus your Forum & Challenge Links. Take a look at the London Webpage or Stockholm for inspiration.
For resources like images, colour schemes, logos and fonts, feel free to use our design files (Design Files folder)

##2 Inhabit the Forum!
The forum is the core collaboration space of the OSCEdays! Each of you have your own city category in the forum. Please use it. Post your challenges there. This is the key for real global collaboration! Describe what you will work on and share resources. This allows others to learn from you, plug in to your process, and help you.

You can already find some examples for challenges in the forum and some basic guidelines on how to post a challenge or the kinds of challenges you can develop.

##3 Regular Community Calls
We will be holding regular community calls from now on, and you are all invited to join in! ask questions, get to know each other a bit – let’s build a real global community! :slight_smile: And develop the OSCEdays together.

##-> Community Calls Schedule

But you can also ask questions anytime in the General Discussion Category in our forum.

Thank you and see you all soon!

##4 Transparent Organisation
This is optional but still important: We encourage you also to use your category for some of your event organization. The forum can serve as some kind of project management tool and allow you to develop your event as a network, transparently. Transparent organisation can help you to avoid too many, or redundant emails and makes it easier to onboard people into the organisation at any given time.

Take a look how Berlin is approaching it with their READ ME & Category (See Resource: “What is a READ ME?”). And also London.

Hey Lars,

We have our page content ready but I couldn’t find any instructions on how to edit your page. I would advise you put explicit instructions on the unedited city page so organizers for the respective city just follow instructions there to enter content. Right now, the city page has no links or instructions on what to do. Can you give me the explicit steps to add content to my page please? Thanks!

Hi Gien,

you have to log-in and then click “pages” on the left. There is your page to edit.

Here is a litte tutorial on how to use the wordpress editor.

You’ll see that the editor gives you some more options then described in the tutorial. This is because we have installed some extra things. The plugin “easy bootstrap shortcodes”. Here is a tutorial about the other options.

More info about the whole platform and OSCEdays infrastructure you can find at point 4 of the longer comment by Sam (@ cameralibre) here.