[COMMUNITY MAIL June 7, 2015] Documentation Email to local organizers

Sent to all local organizers and media persons some days before the event.

##Documentation of your OSCEdays event

Hello local organizers, the OSCEdays 2015 are almost here!

I’d like to offer some guidelines for documentation – a particularly important aspect of the OSCEdays, as we want the projects and ideas sparked during this event to develop into ongoing collaborations and more complete solutions.

There are two different types of documentation to think about: Storytelling and Open Source Documentation.

This may be photos, videos, tweets, blog posts… Everything designed to give people an idea of what the OSCEdays are all about, the diversity of projects, people and ideas. This type of documentation serves to inspire, entertain and inform – to grow this movement and get more people interested and involved. We’ll be writing blog posts, editing videos and posting photos – and you can too! We want to hear your voices!

Please announce these three things to your participants at the start of your event:
1) Use the hashtag #OSCEdays on social media

2) ask your participants to share photos and short video shots, and upload them to your city’s media folder (find it in http://is.gd/OSCEdays_Media) Attached to this message is an A4-sized info sheet – please print out a few copies and display it prominently at your event.
PhotoVideoGuidelines_print.pdf (1.4 MB)

3) ask your participants for their thoughts and feedback – I have set up a pad for each participating city at https://pad.oscedays.org/abidjan_feedback, https://pad.oscedays.org/kualalumpur_feedback, and so on… replace ‘abidjan’ in the URL with your city name, and you will find your pad.

Open Source Documentation
You need to tell other people what your project is about, how it works, and what you’re trying to do, in order for them to help you develop it.
We’ve set up a simple documentation template which covers the bare minimum of information required to allow others to collaborate with you. It’s a good idea to copy the text in this template, (translate it if people are not comfortable writing in English) and paste it into a new pad for each challenge. From https://pad.oscedays.org, choose a custom name for each pad, so it is easy for people to remember.

Here’s how we did it in Berlin: Documentation of Challenges [Links]

Remember that all documentation, projects and knowledge produced during the OSCEdays should be open source!

If you need help with anything, just make a topic in the forum and call out (you can ping individuals by typing @ and then their name, or the OSCEdays core team by typing @Core_Team)

That’s it from me, see you online during the event – I can’t wait to see what comes out of this!

Storytelling Poster

PhotoVideoGuidelinesposter.pdf (679.2 KB)


Looks good @cameralibre

To shorten it a little in the email, could simply link to the Berlin example and the licensing blurb – people can read these if they still need to. Either way looks good.

:+1: good idea, will do!