Community Emails to send till June 11?

Hey Team,

The Call for Cities is closed. Now lets develope the event. And send some Emails to the local organizers with the necessary information:

###(1) „Let’s start to develop the Open Source Circular Economy Days“


  1. Please publish: Make sure organizers start to publish in their webpages! Make sure organizers start to use the forums!
  2. Plus: Announce the community calls!

###(2) „OSCEdays: OPEN SOURCE (!) & Community Calls“
4 to 5 days after mail (1)


  • An email, that really describes, that the OSCEdays are about Open Source! With some basic information about what is Open Source and how to use it in your event/what role it has to play.
  • Next to this we can also announce the community calls

###(3) „OSCEdays GLOBAL REPORTERS – get your slot“
2 to 2,5 weeks before the event
Announce the global reporters idea and the responsibilities that come with that for the local events.

###(4) OSCEdays START!
Just before the event

I am sure, there will be important information to send out.

The Idea is, to send the Email in full but without links. Only one Link: A copy of the Email in the forum that contains all links. And tease to click on this link because in the forum (Link) there are the links.

I would prefer sending the community calls email sooner, the day after the first email and start the community calls next week. Even this weekend maybe if some are up to it. To have a nice discussion we should not be more than 7 participants + 1 or 2 OSCEdays core team member I would say. So with more than 30 cities, around 5 calls.
This call is the opportunity for everyone to see each other and to have direct answers to their questions. The sooner the better

Yes, we should mention the community calls earlier. Have a look at the new draft i created. It mentions the call quite prominently already: [COMMUNITY MAIL, May 14, 2015] - Let’s start developing the Open Source Circular Economy Days

This will give us some time. We can wait 5 days. And then send the OPEN SOURCE Mail and remember in it about the Community Calls. What do you think?

I agree with @unteem. I feel the community calls are pretty urgent. I know I for one would appreciate having them start asap.

So let’s do it then… I don’t know what we are waiting for…

Hi @TechnicalNature @Alice_audrey @cameralibre @sharmarval @unteem

Just to let you know. I plan to send tomorrow (Monday) a special mail just to all the local organizers who haven’t done any updating on their webpage yet (9 out of 35)

Then i am going to set up the whole infrastructure for the global reporting. I think i am going to take the lead here and will organize everything. After the main-organizing work is done it should be easier to find some people to do some of the interviews. When everything is set up i will send the global reporting mail to all the local organizers - i guess on tuesday.

In both mails i will mention the community calls.

And i could include the OS-video Sam and I started to create if it is ready. But maybe we send this one out another time.

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