Communication Toolkit - Circular Textile Challenges Berlin

@Ina @JuliaP


  1. Share the outcome of the findings
  2. Give an overview of what is going on throughout the event
  3. Exposure to the participants and OSCEdays
  4. Invite people to interact

Social platforms:
Twitter @OSCEdays
Facebook @ Open Source Circular Economy Days Berlin
Instagram @oscedays_berlin

Filippa K / @filippa_K and Hashtag: #filippak
Circle Economy / @Circle_economy
The post-couture collective / @postcouture
CRCLR / @crclr_org

#OSCEdays #Berlin #circulartextile #recycle #ethicalfashion #sustainablefashion #sustainability #sustainable #ecofriendly #berlin #circulareconomy #fashion #textile

These are some of the most used hashtags on social medias please feel free to add what you feel is right, you can review any word by simple starting writing and seeing the number of posts under it

Location: Berlin

Interview video, quotes + name, pictures

Hey Mayya, can you please change the following: the main hashtags are #OSCEdays #Berlin #circulartextiles / then the others… See you (tonight?) :-*

@JuliaP the order won’t matter, especially that as a hashtag Textiles has more views than circular textiles. But I changed it anyways. You can be creative as well if you like . See you tonight !

I meant #circulartextiles with an S :wink:
We were going to establish it as the official Textile Challenge hashtag for OsceDays,
I thought so at least.
Also for other cities dealing with textiles so we can find each other.
I also always mentioned it as the “official” name of our Osce Sub-Group and so on.
See you!