Circular Economy - useful explanations & introductions

So we’re talking about circles and money going round in circles then right…hmmm? This thread is to compile handy references, diagrams, videos and more that can be used to introduce and explain the circular economy.

Very good video:

  1. How do we define the Circular Economy?

Earlier post and discussion found in the forum, with a number of useful thoughts and links. Also cultural, country differences in understanding, explanation and recognition of this naming of it.

##2. (Open Source) Circular Economy – Wish List

The Open Source Circular Economy Future Wish List shares a lot of practical examples and ideas of solutions that would be part of our day to day life in a circular economy.

##3. ExX Course Circular Economy
created by TU Delft - an online course (MOOC) about Circular Economy.

##4. . . . .

This is post is a wiki so feel free to add to/ correct and add a brief comment on any changes made in the replies

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