“Circular BuildingBlocks”

For Building Circular Blockchain communities. Turning family homes from solely consumption side households, to production households. Beginning with energy, water, and materials. Continuing to products and services. Rather then just consuming all of these as products, houses can be equipped to produce all of these. New technology developments in digital fabrication allows the possibilities for fully productive communities. Integrating Blockchain technology allows for scaling and integration of each household. While measuring, distributing, and exchanging the value of production. Integration of Circular economics allows for every household to create and maintain value throughout its lifetime.
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Very interesting information! Thank you for posting this.
Do you have any information on examples of technology that can be used to make a family home (in Berlin for example) more selfsuficient on electricity , growing food, making products etc? Maybe you know some links I can go to?
Thanks for your kind answer

Hello Joe,
We are currently working on developing our own technologies. We want these products to be manufactured locally by communities with the materials available locally as well. Many of the materials used in today’s production currently sit in most of our household “trash” products. With a little technology and some processing, these materials trapped in products can be raw again. Once our technologies are ready, they’ll be available on our site for free through digital fabrication files. However, our vision is to build these technologies together with the world. So that by the time they are ready, it isn’t something new to everyone. These are some of the technology we’ve been studying, developed by peers around the world specifically in energy production.

Most materials for energy are recoverable in the “trash” of every household and commercial location in the world. They may be trapped in products, so separation, extraction, and refining technologies are needed. However, many are in their raw form, and simple heat can give you access to a valuable raw material. Here is a digram of recoverable materials.


You are doing an amazing work! Keep me posted on your progress.
I will check these links, thanks a lot


No problem,
We have a couple new journals coming out on our site soon. Just keep an eye out for them on www.mappoculture.co, they’ll have more information. There are also already a few up that aren’t posted on here. Definitely check them out, also was able to pull up some more links for you
For food production
We’re looking at many areas in hydroculture and hydroponics. Green houses, food waste composting for soil regeneration, along with many methods. Our goal is to create a platform for not only our methods but also for all methods developed by our peers. A shared operating space essentially.
For product production we working with digital fabrication. Viewing how is it possible for everyone to literally make anything.