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Hey, today we meet not at Agora but at the Kindl Areal - where our event will happen.

Here is a little documentation of yesterdays OSCEdays Berlin Tuesday pls. add what I forgot - or ask questions. (with image :slight_smile: )

are we having regular meetings from now until the event? it would help in publicizing them and inviting interesting people to join us.

@transitionmica Yes, we are having regular OSCEdays Tuesdays. Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month. 19:00 at Kindl or Agora.

jeai! Invite people!

Call for a Designer for A Flyer For OSCEdays Berlin. Please share.

Hi OSCEdays Berlin Community

I am going to talk about OSCE on Thursday at the Open Tech Summit Berlin. And I have a code for free tickets for you. (Hurry, don’t know how long it will work).


Here is my session

check this out.

I tried to update the information in the to-do list and pushed some questions to the top as we’re getting close to the event and need to make sure they’re sorted.

Hab grad wem per Email das Event erklärt. Ich fand die Erklärung irgendwie gut. Darum teile ich sie hier mal:

“Das ganze Event kann man sich so vorstellen, wie ein sehr aktives Großraumbüro. Nur etwas bunter. Überall sitzen Leute an Tischen und arbeiten an etwas. Diskutieren, zeichnen oder bauen direkt auch was.”

Hey, tomorrow our OSCEdays Berlin Tuesday is at the Kindl Area - Agora Rollberg

Are we having a last meeting before Thursday to discuss what’s left to do?

sorry peoples, I won’t make it tomorrow. Hope you have a great day and also hope I can be back on Saturday.

Just got an invitation to this event, I think we should take part:

People, please don’t forget to post your documentations and any follow-up results from the event (e.g. plans and projects that resulted from meeting at the OSCEdays) in your Challenges