CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions

No sure if someone can find the time for it. But I think to most urgent resource we need now is a 3 minute screencast on how to use the forum.

ok, we are partners of

###Global Sharing Week

Erica, Tim and Me got this email:


I’m XXXX XXXX from The People Who Share
and I’m getting in touch because I’ve found you have an event taking place
in parallel in more than 50 cities during the Global Sharing Week
* (5-11 June)*, and
I’m taking the liberty to register you as part of the week for promoting
your excellent task. We’re so excited you take part on it

you’ll find your events (I’m registering them all during this week).

We’d love you to be an official partner for Global Sharing Week. There’s no
cost and it’s very easy
. Check out here
how to get involved! I’m also attaching you the support pack where you’ll
find how to do it.

(The PDF is 7.5 mb)

Hey @BoST I know you are all tired and want a break…but I think it’s really important to have a debrief some time in the coming weeks or so…because a lot of amazing stuff has happened.

How about Monday 27th June?


Works for me, see you then.

Monday 27th June, 10am GMT? @sharmarval

Yep, works for me too :slight_smile:
Looking forward to see how it went for you all!

Totally agree with @sharmarval , but i can’t join the 10am GMT call. Can we do a 7pm GMT call as well?


Great, let’s host two calls and whoever can join one or both, super!


cool, I can possibly do both. See you monday!

Grand, should be able to do the morning one :slight_smile:

I can join tonight, but not this morning!

I’m online now if others are around?

Hey @cameralibre - I can join :slight_smile: - hmm -actually meeting that I thought wasn’t going to happen has just popped up - so not so sure now. WIll keep posted and if not try join all this evening.

HELLO EVERYONE! How can I get everyone into the call? Who is joining btw? other than @cameralibre

Do we have an agenda for today other than just updating ?

Ah, sorry I missed your message! I have to run now, but I will be around at 7pm GMT. I’ll send out an email reminder to everyone now to make sure we get as many people as possible - the agenda is basically just checking in and catching up, I think.

Hi @BoST, see you here in 10min?

hey, I updated the READ ME a bit to reflect the current situation better.

I also restructured the forum trying to incorporate some of the feedback I got. Feedback on this is welcome.

Here is the new

###Call for OSCEdays Stewards

Please make sure to sign up to continue your work with the OSCEdays.

And here is a topic about the

###Physical BoST Meeting in Europe from October 21-24, 2016

Hopefully many of you will be able to make it.

Hi @BoST

I published

A plan for the FUTURE of OSCEdays - My ideas how to reinvent the project with the learnings we had so far.

And I also published a thread to discuss our DIF collaboration along with my ideas for it.