CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions

Hi @BoST

Regarding altering the time of the BoST Calls to allow everyone across the globe to plug in. Melanie wrote back. For her

11 CET (10 GMT) = 18 Singapore Time - would work.

Does this work for you? Anyone would prefer an hour earlier or later?

If noone brings something up let’s go with altering between 20:00 GMT and 10:00 GMT. And let’s start with next Monday already.

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Hello guys,

Next monday I won’t be available in the morning (it’s a french holiday and will be away).

If we can move it to tuesday morning, I’ll be able to do it. Either way, I will be available for next one in the morning.

Hey, yes, same for me. It’s Easter Monday so I won’t be available either.


@JayKay wrote an email, that he won’t join either.

So we are already down to 5 - maybe viewer.

The question is, would it work for you if we make it next week in the evening and start with the morning session in April? Can you join Easter-evening?

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Hi. I was talking to @simonlee from the CRCLR lab today and it looks like the lab is willing to sponsor us by dedicating the 50% of the time of one of their future interns to global OSCEdays.



i created this right now - let’s discuss it during the next Call (but feedback also welcome here)


###The new founding meeting will be at May 3

will keep you updated about that

Hi, looks like we are going to have the precious plastic guy and project present at OSCEdays Berlin. Running 2 challenges.


I think this would be a good candidate for the opening ceremony.

wow. today is a good day for global OSCEdays :slight_smile: Just got a phone call from Franz Narada - a very active openness person from Austria. And he is interested in helping us/setting something up video-wise to connect all OSCEdays cities.


I’ll think of something and have a call with him in the coming days. But if you have ideas…


Noemi (from Edgeryders, and organising OSCEdays in Sibiu) is currently working on the City of Culture 2020 bid for Galway, in Ireland. She asked if we would be interested in potentially partnering on an unMonastery-like project and a travelling sustainability festival, should their bid be successful. The project is called PILGRIM, and it’s organised by An Áit Eile.
It seems like it could be a good fit. Any offer of support is entirely non-binding, so I just wrote them a letter of intent saying that we would be interested. If they win the bid, we can discuss if/how we want to be involved.


Let’s go for it.

More good news and proof how wonderful the community you started is: Noemi is from my hometown, Cluj. It’s a small world, after all.

She is not yet registered on our forum, so I can welcome her and Sibiu, but I am delighted to see them onboard.


‘An Ait Eile’ translation, ‘The Other Place’. Nice. I’m always looking to do projects in Ireland. Thanks Sam.

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He is helping Christiana Gardikioti set-up her event and community in Greece. Yep, another proof of the power of networking and of us finding our friends in values and purpose everywhere. Go OSCE!

I will Skype with her tomorrow at 15:00 Berlin time, 16:00 Athens for onboarding. Lars or anybody else wants to get on the call? Just be on Skye around that time and let me know if you want to get on the call.



i just onboarded Porto in Portugal. The event will be run by people that work in cooperatives! This movement is strong in germany and many especially commons interested people are looking into it. And the subject in porto will be:

How can the cooperative model/movement can help to accelerate the Circular Economy?

I did not see that coming :slight_smile: But it is a very good question I think.

Hi @BoST

##Mentorship Program Self organized?

I was just talking to a great and very experienced guy in Los Angeles. And he will set up the local event in Los Angeles.

I was telling him about our mentorship program idea. And as always he was super excited about it and offered to be a mentor right away.

This got me thinking. One more time. If there is so much enthusiasm … Maybe we can have a more selforganized Mentorship program.

#“Meet The Mentors”

  • We set up a category called “Meet the Mentors”
  • We publish a call for mentors

In this call we ask the people to open up a thread in the “Meet The Mentors” category where they introduce themselves and their field of expertise. And where they can write down, when they will answer the questions. We can provide them with a simple template to do introduce themselves.

That’s it!

From there we only have to advertise it.

And if we know really cool people we want to become mentors - we can personally engage with them and help them to set up this thread. But only when there is time.

I think this can very well work together with the network @JayKay opened up for us.

And it is not resource intense! Not at all.

What do you think?

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Ah Lars, you are full of good ideas. I think this is a great idea and is very fitting with the way we work. We should include it in the next newsletter. :slight_smile:

Let me set it up first before we include it in the newsletter. Will not have the time to do it probably before May 1st. But then it will be right on the top of my list. :slight_smile:

Ah, but you could announce it already. But if there is no place to sign up right away …

not sure. you can set it up as well. … Will create the category “Meet The Mentors” now. Let’s see.

Created the category. It is on top of the forum (test ballon). What do you think?

The introduction i wrote is shitty. (I spend all day writing). Feel free to edit it. And suggest more elaborated ways to deliver it.

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I would add maybe a point that also elaborates that:

“During the days it would also be fantastic to have a number of Mentors who could also be available online (e.g. google hangout/ Skype) during certain time slots from the 9th to 13th, in order to have more interactive questions and answer sessions on some of the topics people are working on (as well as the mentors no doubt getting a lot from this)”

On that note I’m having a call on monday and was going to see if @Johnny_Kerkhof could join too with one of the EMF/ CIRCULATE guys who was going to help craft/ review if we put a call out for mentors through their network. This Forum can start as a starting point for that too :slight_smile:

jepp, I was thinking about that too. There need to be a way to inspire mentors to come up with the idea for hangouts themselves without a wall of text with complicated instructions how to set it up. Will think of something.