CHAT _ For Quick BoST & OSCEdays Association Questions

In the area of documentation, the photographs have different sizes causing the text to appear misaligned. (I know it’s silly)

The area of previous years seems perfect. It is important to facilitate access to those who want to see what has already been developed.

I think so far is a great job. I imagine it has been a very exhausting job but I think it is much clearer for those who access the page. (I have also received good comments about the site).


Ramadan in 2017 will start on Saturday, the 27th of May and will continue for 30 days until Sunday, the 25th of June.

I think it is important to define it soon. If you ask me, I think we should change the date according to this.


the site really looks great.
the previous projects catch the attention :slight_smile:

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hey @BoST
Look what the folks in Berlin are creating.

Forum Topic


nice. but why is there no link to the circular food category in this event pitch?

I finally did the subtitles for the tutorial and added some information on how to do subtitles in general. I’ve also posted the transcript to show the difference between that and the English subtitles.

@Lars2i do you have the time to add the German and the English subtitles from the template to the existing video? That would also make it accessible to hard-of-hearing and deaf people in both languages.

hi Maike, thanks. Great work. I don’t have the time to add this to the video at the moment and in the coming weeks. You like to do it? Can you do it on YouTube directly?

nope, thats why I asked instead of doing it

I could give access to my channel for this. Or, What do you need? I could send you also the RAW-Video and you could create a version with subtitles. Then we can replace the video or put a link to it in the other one.

@Clemens is at it right now, trying out the wikihow- instructions to see if they are any good

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Hey @BoST & all

Just want to share a beautiful story I learned about this week. I ran at a conference into Maria from the Sao Paulo Lab. She was last year at OSCEdays Berlin and got inspired by a challenge about a pedal powered mulcher chopper. She mirrored the challenge in her hometown on the other side of the globe and there is a working mulcher chopper in use now in a community garden! So one more time one OSCEdays event reached across the globe and made impact.

She was today at our OSCEsaturday giving a presentation about it (images behind the link). She is creating a really fantastic step-by-step-tutorial for the mulcher chopper at the moment. All will be shared open source at their website. And she might also going to write a post for our blog about it.


@BoST & all

check this. Someone created a translation of the Make: Circularity Poster (found on Facebook / also in our group).



I like the design, will try to do a German version before the maker faire

@transitionmaike Have you seen there are several design versions in the original topic also a new version of the english text. I will create a new version of the design before Maker-Faire. If you have a german translation ready by then I can create the new design in german right away. But … mmmh. Let’s create the german version in a separate topic. I think it will have some iterations and we should keep the main topic on track.

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I will traslate to spanish and italian. Maybe @Nagstaly can help?

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@RicardoRug @transitionmaike Hi, Maybe we should open one topic for all translations?


yes! It is a good idea. Here we will have the opportunity to print some things this year and I would like to distribute some in some fablabs. Maybe this can be helpful for other cities.


Cool. It looks like there will be another sentence added to the family. But the rest of the content should be complete. So you could start the translation.

And as for the design. I plan to create a new iteration in the coming 2-3 weeks. Also with Word/Libre Office. So it will be pretty easy to create a translated version.

The hyperlink from the action protocol for the biodigester on the web-page is broken. I think a few more of them are also not working…maybe something we can fix at the weekend.

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Hi everyone, I know it’s bad timing: I’ll be out of order but for the most urgent stuff for the next 6-8 weeks. That means that I won’t be joining Bost-calls and will reduce my activities to the stuff in Berlin that is already online (makerfaire, cyceloo-iteration). Sorry to desert you at this point.