Changes to the Category System (July 2015)

Hi, as I were in the process of finding some first thoughts for the future of the OSCEdays I was looking also at the platform as it is and I saw some things that do not work at the moment in my opinion and I would like to suggest some changes. I would like to do them asap if you don’t have any concerns. @unteem, @cameralibre, @TechnicalNature @sharmarval @Alice_audrey + @OSCEdaysCommunity

##1) New Category System
I think, we should change the category system to this.

###Cities 2015
Abidjan | Amsterdam . . .

###General Discussion & Resources
Working on Challenges | Call for Skills

###OSCEdays Open Global Organisation
Community Building | . . .

###Something Else?
Don’t know where to fit your topic? Add it here.



„Cities 2015“ – shows that everything will go on. When the next event is in production or next year we can create two categories: „Cities 2016“ & „Cities Ever“

„General Discussion & Resources“ – I think the structure we have right now with 2 categories: „General Discussion“ & „Ressources, Inspiration, Ideas“ does not work at all. It is confusing. The concepts overlap in so many areas. So let’s merge them.

„OSCEdays Open Global Organisation“ is the better and more inviting name compared to „Global OSCEdays Teams & Organisation“ i think.

„Someting Else?“ – a new category for the rest. I would suggest to pull the „Welcome to the OSCEdays Community“ topic to there. I think the structure is quite clean then to i don’t expect a lot of topics coming in here.

##2) Pinned Resource Topic „List of Projects that are Open Source & Circular Economy“

I would create a topic „List of Projects that are Open Source & Circular Economy“ and pin it in the General Discussion & Resources category. Companies and Projects that provide real solutions! Something people can use and learn from. Topics like this is the reason for people to go to the forum even if there is no event soon. People look for inspiring resources. Also for the event. This is something i would expect and find very interesting in such a forum.

Although it will be hard to start that list. In a later process there could be curators for that list(s)