Change Colors of "Organization" & "Inspiration & Resources" category

hi, i was looking at the colors. And i think red for organisation is a bit agressive. How about changing it to “Gold” = the darker yellow. It is more humble and in the background that way.

And we could go with “Inspiration & Resources” to red. Red = Inspiration is nice. Red like “Alarm!” or “Warnging” for Resources is good as well - meaning "Have a look at existing stuff before post a challenge. So red suits quite well i think.

And for the yellow… lets try to avoid the color if possible.

We also have one more colour in reserve, 633393 (Purple):

How about Purple for Organization and Red for Inspiration & Resources?

I still like the yellow, so at some stage I will find an excuse to use it… :wink:

:slight_smile: ok, cool, but check the purple might be too “noisy”, jumping into everyones eyes first. Global organization is the part of the forum the least interesting for the majority of visitors. So it is good to have it humble in the background. Gold would have done the job.

But hey, if you like the yellow anyway … how about using it for organization. It is doing the job of beeing humble, is like the sun … that brings all the colorful flowers to live … and also has some future of waste language in it …

ok! yellow wins! Purple can be like the special extra ‘surprise’ Power Ranger that they always reveal late in the series.

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Ha, great discussion and throw back memories @cameralibre @Lars2i - on a slightly related topic I’ve spotted a few typos, well more like word order or misspelt in some of the category headings

In General- Switch the for & out to " Call out for people to help" ) - Post any questions you have: Call for out to people for help . Ask about the OSCEdays and this platform. Or just post your general questions about Open Source or Circular Economy.

In Challenges: Quotes look at bit odd, contribute to & your is missing an r - Click on “Challenges” to see all challenges to contribute. Learn How To Post A Challenge and create you own.

Think that’s all for now :wink:

Hi Erica, i made you an admin of the forum. So now you are able to correct typos etc. directly. :slight_smile:

Ha, cool I will to endeavour to use my powers wisely!