[CHALLENGES] Design and Prototyping in the Circular Economy

Open discussion on the following topics:

  • what is the circular economy
  • the role of design and prototyping in making and using products that are fit for the circular economy
  • how to integrate open source in a manufacturer’s business model

We will meet at Impressive Prototypes LLC in Indianapolis. It is a great opportunity to interact with people who work in manufacturing and learn from them the viable, practical way towards an open source circular economy.

Event summary at https://cloud.oscedays.org/index.php/s/aoFA2uigist7OYU

Just caught up and watched your global reporting session. Looking forward to staying connected and sharing more on design, engineering and life! You’ve got so much good advice!

Same for me: let’s continue sharing and learning.

I still need to watch all the interviews, including London, but let me congratulate you and the all women London team for your excellent work. I am delighted to have met you and to learn a lot from you and the rest of the community.