[CHALLENGE] What's the material of tomorrow?

Which material can be used to create a sustainable ressource cycle - and which should be avoided?

Aluminium foil, wrapping paper, glass bottle and styrofoam: Let’s explore the life cycle of our everyday material!

we’ve chosen for the moment:
steel & aluminium as metal
’carbon’ - carbon-fiber-reinforced-plastics
add more if you like !

We want to collect data and information about the underlying processes of material production and invite everybody who is interested to join the research and discussion.
We’d like to dedicate our research to some of the most popular/common materials such as wood, metal, textiles, plastics or glass. The particular focus will be determined by the participants and identified during an opening discussion.

Join us! Bring any material you are curious about and help us revealing it’s secret…
We will try to illustrate our results in some graphic and artisitc way.

###How is raw material being processed in order to become usable material?

###Which steps lie between the retrieval of resources and their availability as consumables?

Additionally, we could also try to address political, economic and social problems connected to the topic.

These sub-questions can help us in structuring our ‘challenge’ at OSCEdays Berlin:

  • How long do materials travel until they end up in our households, gardens and buildings?

  • What’s the proportion of imported and locally extracted materials (in North European Countries / especially Germany) being processed, sold – and wasted?

  • How much impact does the production of a certain material have on our climate and global warming?

  • How do we close the material cycle?

  • Are there material cycles that can not be closed?

  • To what extend does excessive international trade contribute to rising temperatures, air pollution, exploitation of natural resources and global inequality?

  • What are possible strategies to counteract this issue?

Join us at the OSCE Days in Berlin. Or help us here if you know relevant research, websites, data and so on.

We are Kunst-Stoffe-Berlin. Get in touch if you like.

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Dear @Kunst-Stoffe, i am trying to create a timetable. What day and time do you want to hold your challenge?

Dear Frederike,

Thank’s for your request. We’d like to hold our Challenge on Friday and Saturday from 1 to 6 pm, and continue our work on Sunday/Monday in the case that our group is highly motivated.

Would that be possible?

I put you in that time slot for now and i let you know if we need to make some changes :slight_smile: Looking forward to it!