[CHALLENGE] Wastewater treatment/Power production using Microbial fuel cells

Electroactive bacteria, found in mud and wastewater everywhere, can clean wastewater and produce electricity at the same time. They eat organics from the water, and transfer their terminal metabolic electrons to electrodes embedded in the anaerobic environment. The result: wastewater treatment without aeration, and with about 80% less sludge production, with power as byproduct.
Another option is to power production using a plant-microbial fuel cell.

I’d love to form a team to consider the options and try to build a prototype. The necessary materials are pretty cheap and basic, and the result is to be an open source wastewater treatment solution or a plant-pot that produces a little electricity. (links are just examples, of course)

Who’s in?


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this sounds so great! If you haven’t seen it yet: Roofwaterfarm will do a through their wastewater treatment plant, their treating also only with bacteria. Join if you are interested!

Hi Friederike,

I looked at their post, and I don’t see any reference to bacteria. I’m not sure how to communicate with them to make sure that our challenges don’t coincide (new here lol). Any ideas?

Looking forward to your Urban Micology!


Hi Gal - I’m in! Are there any upcyclable materials we should be on the look out for?

Hi Lars,
Is there a reason this challenge isn’t yet listed on in the Programme for Berlin? Should we be adding it ourselves?

HI guys, sorry, but it is a bit late for me to start preparing now. I saw there was no interest, so I haven’t prepared anything yet. Maybe it’s better if I just join other challenges.