Challenge: Sustainable Swap Shop

„Kulturlabor Trial&Error e. V. has been facilitating the swap shop
since several years - it has become a neighborhood meeting point, a
regular supply of clothes for people in need, exchange point for native
Berliners and newcomers, resource of knowledge for confused and curious
ones. We have learned a lot and stumbled upon several challenges like
what to do when someone just want to get rid of their last saisons
shoppings, when other people are used to just receive and not give
anything back, or how to facilitate the exchange with knowledge, not
only items. We are bringing the swap shop out of its casual location, to
question the concept, the menthods and sustainability of the idea.
WHAT: Swap shop is a place for exchange, learning and empowerment, its a
place, where everyone can BRING what they can AND TAKE what they need,
its a place where exchange with knowledge, time and items happens. As we
want to communicate re-evaluate the price of items arround us and
empower everyone can participate with whatever they have, every
participant is welcome to do an actual exchange (give and take).“

So we encourage all OSCEdays participants to bring one item to our
table. for example, a book, a household item, a piece of clothes …

CHALLENGE/QUESTION: How to make this swap shop self-sustainable? How to
respectfully break through the dominant patterns of the consumerism,
shopacholism or imposed mentality of charity receivers to engage
everyone on equal terms?

Unfortunately we can come only at 11:30 today, but maybe it is nice to know, who wants to join - if its possible to sign up in a physical space in the AGORA, would be nice! Thnx! Ruuta, trial&erro