[CHALLENGE] Sustainable Infrastructure Funding

How might we empower local urban communities (like the Bay Area) to fund
sustainable, publicly shared services and infrastructure?

Google Drive folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B9ZvlYJGde2SM2FNYjlWSDI0bTg

Problem Statement:
How might we inspire public engagement in Bay area communities that sparks empathy and collaborative community-led responses to challenges associated with rapid urbanization?

Key stakeholders:
We chose to focus on the Mission district in San Francisco. Our stakeholders are the residents of this district; local government; local businesses; local artists and talent; and corporate sponsors.

Key issues/challenges:

  1. Finding corporate sponsors
  2. Finding community improvement projects for the money donated
  3. Hosting the festival

Key insights:

  1. The importance of diverse perspectives
  2. It is difficult to quickly learn who is around the table and requires some intentional effort
  3. It’s amazing the ideas that can come out of collaborative experiences.

Short description of your idea:
Find corporate sponsorship for a community centered/community led program (community garden; art installation; etc.) to be voted on during a community celebration of local talent and culture.

What need/problem are you addressing?
Rapid urbanization is too often leaving a disconnect between new and old residents of particular neighborhoods experiencing gentrification.

How does your solution solve the problem?
It inspires collaboration for a future community program amongst old and new residents while celebrating the community’s history and rich culture.

What questions do you have still?
Is a corporate sponsorship model a sustainable and feasible approach?

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