[Challenge] Plants Rescue - Berliner Modellprojekt Pflanzenrettung

A piece of paradise too good for waste: The prize for the best action during the “European Week of Waste Prevention 2015” went to the Berlin start-up “Pflanzenrettung / Plant Rescue” last week: http://www.wochederabfallvermeidung.de/preise/beste-aktion-zur-abfallvermeidung-2015/

Plants that people want to throw away are collected and then sold or rented. The plant emergency is a pioneering and innovative pilot project for waste prevention. It draws attention to the neglected reuse of plants… (http://www.vku.de/presse/pressemitteilungen-liste/liste-pressemitteilung/pressemitteilung-1816.html).

The centerpiece is the Garden Eden (Garten entledigter Pflanzen) in Berlin-Tegel at the Schlossgärtnerei TXL (@Humboldt Castle)

Plants are livable and lovable. Throw away is the fall of man.
At the event in Berlin we will build a little garden to show and talk about our project.

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