[CHALLENGE] Open Source design for toys made from bio-based materials

If you have or know a resource for this, please share it here. I want to 3D print some toys using Entwined

As we are welcoming a third generation to our community, I believe this would be an excellent and very useful addition to our activities. And a way of educating our children and grandchildren about how to use and want only good stuff.

One note: I have zero interest in action figures, anything military related and I make no distinction between toys for boys and girls. The latter is a social invention I oppose.

@RicardoRug @Gien

Following today’s BoST call, this is a reminder: when you have time, please share with me some simple designs or let me know where to find them.

Thank you, let’s do good work!

toys toys toys!

thingiverse have tons of toys.

the best (for me) are:

open toys by lefabshop

instruments by leothemakerprince

the octopus by ellindsey

APE by egon




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