CHALLENGE: NullMull - Zero Package Grocery delivery

Dear Activists,

We are developing a project NullMull and look forward to work on these four challenges with you!

NullMull is unpackaged grocery delivery service which helps customers live more eco-friendly and healthy. As a customer, you get your favourite products without plastic packaging and live more eco-friendly with reusable package materials

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Pitchdeck Pitchdeck.pdf (2.0 MB)
Landing page is in progress :slight_smile:

Apply all your creativity, knowledge and energy to help us building up an easy-to-use-solution for people, who want to reduce amount of plastic waste. You don’t need to be a superhero to live sustainably and healthy!


1. Sustainability Vs. Customer Experience. Or together?
Positioning and marketing for a sustainable business in the world where an awesome website and 32 min delivery take it all.
Session type: Open Interview

2. Unnecessary? Still not easily gone…
Re-invention of the supply chain requires food producers to ship food in bulk. Easy to say, difficult to do. What are the major obstacles from food quality point of view?
Session type: Fishbowl

3. In between the trade-offs
Avoiding packaging can increase the frequency of logistics operations, thus causing higher CO2 emissions. How not to get into this trap?
Session type: Group Advice

4. Better world depends on papers
Advise us on avoiding the bureaucratic hassle and building a business model which supposes as few licences & permissions as possible.
Session type: Expert Advice

Date: 12 June 2016, 11.00 - 15.00
Each session will take 45 min, you are free to jump in or withdraw anytime you like!

Moderator: @DOnoprienko
Please reach out to register for participation or ask any-any questions!

Looking forward to working on these challenges with you!


Hi @DOnoprienko that sounds great! Do you have any resources about that you can share upfront? A website? A PDF? Some data, images?

(Images and documents can be shared here - just drag and drop them into your topic or comment.)

We are happy to share the results of intense work. Here you are, ideas and proposal on how to improve the user experience for NullMull customers! Happy to take the ideas forward for validation!

Concept of holistic convenience: role/moral satisfaction & experience & economical

Short time order - 30 min
Early morning delivery
Counter where customer can leave tare in the morning and take food in the evening - in/out point
Pick up point - restaurant?
Smaller restaurants as a pickup point
Delivering to spati - cultural clash?
Regular delivery - once a week
Locking packages in the public spaces?

Standardized packaging - 3 types
SMART packaging + design - decoration taste
Packaging shape for storage
Send packaging via post
Fabric bags label

Flexible ordering
Food routine
Smaller portions of expensive products
“It’s not interesting to buy rice or pasta” → story is important
People don’t searching for one solutions for all their needs, they are ready to use several solutions “I can assume that this service will not cover all”
Recipe for cooking or advice

Sets of products:
Unpackaged cooking party set
Unpackaged shitty food party set
Box of the week → shopping list (eg. 4 breakfasts and 2 dinners)

People are only able to pay more when the product is good
Educate people why meat cannot cost 1 eur…

Transparency of the system:
Information about the products, story communicated via video
Personalized labels from farmer
Explanation of the price components (25% logistics, 70% products, 5% tare…)

Reward for customer:
You saved XXX of plastic → how many plastic bottles (sth tangible)
Positive impact, moral convenience - scores & bonus system
Less trash - take the bin downstair 1 time per week instead of 3
No trash sharing issue - nebenkosten

Different T of food → safe delivery?
Data privacy (shopping habits)
Cleaning of the glass tare

Target groups:
Culture of food, deep social cultural connection
French’s love to talk about food, need for a story
Different price for unpreveleged target groups