[CHALLENGE] Make Berlin a Sustainable City - How to Enable the Community?

Organizer: GreenBuzz Berlin e.V. is an association that supports sustainability on regional and international level through research, education and networking.
GreenBuzz identified networking and collaboration as critical success factors for sustainable initiatives. We connect actors from various areas of society to promote an active sustainability movement in Berlin. To do so, we organize regular talks and events (e.g. Sustainability Drinks and Sustainabbility Panels). Our events focus on different topics such as Circular Economy, CSR, Energy, Environmental & Biodiversity, Food etc. (more Info on upcoming events here)

Now we want to take it to THE NEXT LEVEL. How?

1. Create a Sustainability Platform
Apart from bringing people together physically, we want to build an online platform for people to exchange on a long-term basis. Connection allows to SHARE experiences, best pratices and to continually improve the way we think and behave.

2. Enable projects in this community to make Berlin sustainable
Moreover, we want to use this community to enable projects to make Berlin a sustainable city. Politics are often too slow, we need citizens to realize this challenge step by step. Therefore we want to extend the plattform to connect volunteers and sustainable projects to REALIZE ideas. We imagine this as a self-organizing community to eventually improve all aspects of the city.

Our challenge takes place on Saturday, June 11th from 11am-4pm.

We invite everyone who is interested to join us, brainstorm with us and come up with great ideas how we can put all this into practice lateron! We loook very much forward to your support!


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