[CHALLENGE] Looking for Youth Challenges that Focus on Sustainable 3D Printing

We are hosting an OSCEdays event at the Kheprw Institute on June 13. It is the first day of our summer bootcamp for youth ages 9-15. They will be engaged in thinking and talking about how to use 3D Printers sustainably. We will be using biodegradable filaments, discussing their benefits over plastic and hearing about the development of 3D printers. As a hands-on activity, the youth will be challenged to identify and design an object or product that can be used at home or in their daily lives to address real-world needs. They will then have the opportunity to produce the item via our 3D printer. Some examples we have come up with to stimulate their thinking are buttons, u-hooks, soap dish. The webpage 30 Cool Things to 3D Print Which Are Actually Useful gave me some ideas. Does anyone have other ideas of common household items inner-city youth would use or another way to approach the challenge?


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Another source of inspiration, they use the Entwined filament that our campers will play with.

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Dejan might be a good person to check in with http://www.dejanmitrovic.co.uk/kidesign.html – Will see to link him (@DejanMitrovic) to this thread (smile)
• 3D printing note: Ref = @RSA Maker summit #5 & #6, Dec 2015; Two super interesting bits, besides the whole session is worth (re)watching :slight_smile:
– transforming our vision on what we can do with 3D printing, #RSAmake
52:11 – 53:40 ** Kate Raworth @KateRaworth from 3D printing in its infancy, calling for being patient as well as extremely ambitious with its environmental potential, describing how nature uses five basic polymers to create almost anything by changing the internal structure of the material and all decomposes, chemistry done at room temperature, in water, safe, non-toxic, … = the most fantastic and inspiring standards of what 3D printing could do
– addressing ‘Open Source’, ‘new forms of knowledge management’ : #RSAmake
** 1:14:45
Tom Greenham @TonyGreenham asks Vinay Gupta @leashless (strong supporter of decentralised power , open source, …)
“What forms of knowledge management do we need in this new economy?” “ How can we balance this reward for the creator and support the very existence of these creators , that needs financial resources” - How can we balance that without creating barriers around knowledge (IP, trademarking, … 19/20th century business model ‘mantrap’ ?”

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Is anyone here working on the production of PLA bio-polymers in a sustainable way?