[CHALLENGE] How to share knowledge between citizens

Social and active approach to citizens. in a creative and participatory research way.

My goal during these five days was to know the area in which the OSCEdays would unfold.
Listen Civil Society and to link-Civil-Existing Projects Public Organization OSCEdays-Company.

The Evolution of the search for 5 days in a successful “Free Academy makers” based on the Time Bank format.

Following I will present the approach and performed all the steps performed to arrive at the presentation of this Prototipe.


Social and active approach to citizens.

1.First day: Thursday, 11/06/2015 Mouans-Sartoux
1.2 IDEA:

2.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 1º DAY (Thursday, 11/06/2015)
2.1 Who?
2.2 Shares in Mouans-Sartoux?
2.3 Objectives?

3.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 2º DAY (Friday, 12/06/2015)
3.1 Who?
3.2 Shares in Mouans-Sartoux?
3.3 Location?
3.4 Means?
3.5 Questions asked?
3.5.1 Observation of the first day of field:
3.5.2 Opportunities:
3.5.3 Steps:

4.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 3º DAY (Saturday, 06/13/2015)
4.1 Who?
4.2 Shares in Mouans-Sartoux?
4.3 Location?
4.4 Means?
4.5 Questions asked?
4.5.2 Opportunities:
4.5.3 Steps:

5.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 4th DAY (Sunday, 06/14/2015)
5.1 Where?
5.2 Who?
5.3 Exposed subjects?
5.3.1. Survey of commitment to the territory and the citizens of Grasse Country brakes
5.3.2. The alternative currency:
. Objectives:
. Multiple levels:

6.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 5º DAY (Monday, 15/06/2015)
6.1 When and where?
6.2 Who?
6.3 What?
6.4 It develops the core of the free academy of Mouans-Sartoux
. Students not Makers
. Pragmatix
. Class Size
. Time Bank
. Roles
. Platforms
. Problems and Issues
. Starting the Project
6.5 When and where?
6.6 Who?
6.7 What?

7.1 When and where?
7.2 Who?
7.3 What?
7.4 Feed back of the presentation:
7.5 Working on:

  1. First day, Thursday, 11/06/2015 Mouans-Sartoux
    10 am at the Library:

1.1. BACKGROUND: official presentation of Mary and the Evaleco association.

Marie: A role of facilitator among citizens and association. Works for the sustainable development of M-S.

Evaleco: Association who work on digital.
Among all the ideas presented, I would stress that they are spirit to work for 3 years in the creation of an alternative local currency. interesting data

1.2. IDEA: I want to start asking gents, what they want to share and learn, to see the energy and desires of civil society. THE BASIS OF THE EXCHANGE - gents and their needs and desires.

2.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 1º DAY (Thursday, 11/06/2015)

2.1. Who?
Nicolas Loubet and Gabriela Sagarminaga

2.2. Shares in Mouans-Sartoux?
Visit to the Blue House, The Mayor, The Tourist Office, The Castle, The garden flowers e Mouans-Sartoux.

2.3. Objectives?
1- The interest is to make an immersion in the community life of Mouans-Sartoux

. The first goal was the Blue House, the house of associations. We wanted to talk with the head of al Valerie Associative Life of Mouans-Sartoux. We had difficulties to join her, she is busy we take an appointment see elected on Monday 9am.
The Asso to communicate by newsletter, the monthly newspaper, through its manifestations and have an annual forum.

. Marie:
Visit to City Hall for more information on community life, we are given
a calendar of events of May 2014, and speaks of the Associative city
newspaper, created by an association, as a reference for activities the city

> Impressions: No Association responded to the mail in the event oftim #OSCEdays #MS. Note: we did two weeks before the event. It also apparently exite a barrier through the semantics used.
Difficulties for more information about Assos, Valerie is the person in charge and unable to reach the same day.

2. Visit to the Tourist Office: it is managed by an association of volunteers and two employees. They lack the time and guided tours can be realized only on Saturday when the band and sufficiently large.
> Impressions: they are open to talk, to share and to give useful
references to advance in immersion and knowledge about heritage.
> Opportunities: Make a passport of a circular economy turn to Mouans-Sartoux. (nicolas)

. Garden flowers museum is a private project to maintain and display the
cultural heritage of the flowers of Mouans-Sartoux, they have an open
space for free civil society to implement activities.
> Impressions: economic activity around flowers declined
significantly, it has issues around the climate over the water to
consumption, the climate is dry enough, the producer must water the
> Opportunities: Why not connect the knowledge of florist with local farmer (@ Nicolas).

3.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 2º DAY (Friday, 12/06/2015)

Street Interviews

3.1. Who?
Social Inclusion Team, Clarie-Emmanuelle (psycho-sociologist of work)
and Gabriela (social-inclusion of citizens in the territory innovation)

3.2. Shares in Mouans-Sartoux?
Vox asking passersby to Mouans-Sartoux where they come from, why they are here.

3.3. Location?
McDonalds, Media Library, Town Hall.

3.4. Means?
The means used are mobile telephone, audio recording app, directional
microphone, soundcloud app to load the audios and Open Street map to
geotag investigations.
When I realized the interviews, I take a picture of the person and the GPS coordinates for the gélocalisation the map. In the evening I load the interviews on soundcloud, with photo, date, place and asked questions.

3.5. Questions asked?
What are you doing in Mouans-Sartoux?
Where do you live?
Why do you come in Mouans-Sartoux?
Are you part of an association?
What would you like to share? What would you learn?

3.5.1. Observation of the first day of field:

  • Many people come to Mouans-Sartoux to work and to enjoy the public instalations and recreation.
  • They contain the associative life of the city.
  • They have favorable conditions in Mouans-Sartoux, and values ​​that approach theirs.
  • They are ready to share their knowledge and they want to learn and exchange

3.5.2. Opportunities: Creating time banks, to promote exchanges between
citizens ----- This opportunity can be connected Evaleco and his work on
the development of local alternative currency .---- Test the exchanges
between people can prmier be an achievable level in the short term to move forward on the project.

3.5.3. Steps:
1- In the evening at the time of account rendered between all participants OSCEdays, exposes my work done on the ground.
. David Bovill founder of Viral academy (link) who work on the time bank is interested in the field observations. There
was discussion on Viral Academy and is given to request a reunión on
the theme of local alternative currency, with Philipp Evaleco to one
side to expose the results of the survey carried out on the ground and
the other side the possibilities offered through the work of David.

4.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 3º DAY (Saturday, 06/13/2015)

Street Interviews

4.1. Who?
Social Inclusion Team, Raphael Jolivet (participatory democracy) and Gabriela (social-inclusion of citizens in the territory innovation)

4.2. Shares in Mouans-Sartoux?
Vox investigation into the involvement of citizens in the territory

4.3. Location?
City Hall, the Castle and in the streets of the historic center.

4.4. Means?
The means used are mobile telephone, audio recording app, directional microphone, soundcloud app to load the audios and Open Street map to geotag investigations.
When I realized the interviews, I take a picture of the person and the GPS coordinates for the gélocalisation the map. In the evening I load the interviews on soundcloud, with photo, date, place and asked questions.

4.5. Questions asked?

Where do you live?
Do you know the activity of Mouans-Sartoux?
Are you committed to the city?
How do you engage?
Are there any areas of citizen participation?
Feel the need to express yourself in moments of decision-making?
You know the elect of Mouans-Sartoux?
There strucutres there any that you would like in Mouans-Sartoux?
What exchange are you willing to do to develop the business of the city around you? (Asked in relation to the app Kodeal, used to leave a trasse overlooked an agreement between pairs of exchange, a deal)

Mouans-Sartoux The inhabitants are connoisseurs of the political activity of the cities, are actively engaged in the area with community activities and / or policies.
They require a physical place where to express it is open in winter and mixed leisure and art.
Those less involved with the city are not concientes projects like “shared gardens”.

4.5.2. Opportunities:
The inhabitants are meadows to exchange time and knowledge to achieve their desires citizens compared to a developing city around their needs and desires. Returning to the idea of time banking.

4.5.3. Steps:
Geneviève and Philipp of Evaleco, I organize a meeting for Sunday, 14/06/15 as about the alternative currency.

5.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 4th DAY (Sunday, 06/14/2015)

Activities: Meeting: Alternative Currency

5.1. Where?
11am Bakery near the Library, Mouans-Sartoux.

5.2. Who?
Genevieve, Philippe Pascal (Evaleco)
David Habib, Timothy, Claire-Emmanuelle Nicolas, Gabriela (OSCEdays)

5.3. Exposed subjects?
5…3.1. Summary of the survey data on the commitment to the territory and
the brakes of the citizens of Grasse, between October 2014 and May 2015.

Deficit answers people between 25 and 35 years.
Age of 25 young people interviewed on the street, the high school, young people without qualifications and young imigrants.

> Young people: language is too complex
men: lack of time
women: no legitimacy, can not feel it is too complex for them.

All have feelings of not being heard: in the economic, political and media.

5.3.2. The alternative currency:

> Objectives:
Avoid insecurity
Tools for transition services
Purpose: awareness
Not comfortable with local exchanges
Solidarity system

> Multiple levels:

1- Troc____Familiaux
2 local exchanges Systems:
. 1h-1h
. Accorderies, purpose = social place, quality developement
. P2P reputation of currency relationship: obj is to boost P2P
3 Local-Currency complementary: to develop a trusted network

. Bridge between user-technical
. Semantics: meaning is a need

. Point out why, aims, we want / we do not want

> Warning: More main difficulty is to mobilize citizens

**Experiences that best fonctionnées:**

 . determine the value

 . What is a local economic system

> Continuity of para meeting report about the alternative currency

. Gabriela: I expose the data collected on the ground: the desire of citizens to knowledge échangers.
. David: Expose his work Viral Academy and the option to create a
movile application through practical courses with Metodologie of
ensegnement agile to start a time bank created by citizens without
needing technical knowledge.
. Philippe of Evaleco is starting to take the test. We are given appointment on 3:45 p.m. Monday to present the draft of 1 yard.

6.IMMERSION MOUANS SARTOUX 5º DAY (Monday, 15/06/2015)

6.1. When and where?
at 8:30 am, the coffee palce of Mary, at Mouans-Sartoux

6.2. Who?
David Ksenya (Viral Academy) and Gabriela

6.3. What?
reunión work for the creation of the Free Academy

6.4. It develops the core of the free academy of Mouans-Sartoux

We propose creating a pilot “academy” where we invite a mixed group of people to build a mobile app together that is designed by citizens of Mouans-Sartoux to create and exchange an alternative local currency.

Makers not Students see: http://mouans-sartoux.academy/view/crez-une-application-mobile-pour-android-et-ios This course is not a course where you sit back and learn. People will get their hands dirty making things and trying things out. We will build something together.( The course is suitable for a range of skills and age ranges: some people can research, interview people, or take photographs. Others can sketch ideas for interfaces (paper prototyping), or work on a computer with any software they are familiar with to create images in a simple paint programme. We will teach coding, to some of the makers, but this is not the only activity that people can get involved in. Coders need designers, participative design needs input from the community. At every stage (each week) a practical decision must be made what to make the subsequent week. This is a form of agile methodology we call agile teaching. Pragmatix see: http://mouans-sartoux.academy/view/crez-une-application-mobile-pour-android-et-ios The course will last 6 weeks.Each week there will be a 1 hour HangoutIn between each weekly Hangout makers are expected to put in a few hours making something (on average 3 hours is a good). Makerscan either come to a physical space where there is laptop and internet connection (and ideally a shared video projector), or more simply work from home. Makers work ideally in pairsMakers come from both Mouans-Sartoux and OSCEDays - we will make this together.

Class Size see: http://mouans-sartoux.academy/view/crez-une-application-mobile-pour-android-et-ios A minumum class size is 6 people. Additional classes are welcome. 18 people organised into 3 groups (we call them pods) is ideal.We can scale this process to any size - so if more people get interested we organise them into additional groups of 6. Groups can be made up of only people from Mouans-Sartoux - but we encourage mixed groups with some people coming from other countries or cities in France.

Time Bank http://mouans-sartoux.academy/view/banque-du-tempsThe class will experiment with the simplest form of community money - a Time Bank. This will give practical experience of the use and application of a currency and help inform the design. Makers will pay 1 hour for each weekly class, and must earn this money by doing useful work for the group or wider community. For instance a maker who has been taught how to code something in a mobile app, can earn this money back by passing newly acquired knowledge on to another maker, or by interviewing someone in the town or online, or simply organising and setting up a physical place for the next meeting. Roles Course leaders of for this project are: Ksenya (Ksenya short bio - done http://mouans-sartoux.academy/view/ksenya Please, comment!) and David (http://david.mouans-sartoux.academy
Bio TBA!) However we aim that participants will be able to replicate this methodology and set up their own groups after the end of the course.

Within the course itself there are a wide range of roles that people can take
on. For instance writers / researchers, sketchers / artists / designers,
and novice or expert coders.

OSCEdays makers: Gabriela, Habib, we need 2 more
. 2 coders
. 2 designers
. 2 reseachers

These 6 people form a “pod” or research group. One of the above group acts as a facilitator / agile teacher. We also will provide subject experts to give input into the course. We go out on the internet to find people to donate time to join a Hangout to solve problems together. Each week one person from the group (often a researchers) acts as a facilitator / project manager (agile teacher): a type of leader who can motivate and attract the people to the project - it is not necessary that they are are a subject expert by the currency

Platforms :

  • Communicate: Hangout, hat: Slack, Facebook group
  • Writing: Hackpad (not a hackpad.com, a hackpad), google doc
  • Website for the project & reseach tool: Federated wiki, to document all the knowledge (every student have their own space to write) I added a short description of FedWiki http://mouans-sartoux.academy/view/wiki-fdrsLivecode: for making the mobile application, desktop application
  • Livecode: for making the mobile application, desktop application
  • Mobile phones: Android or iOS, to test the app, make photos, videos, audios.
  • Graphic design tools

Problems and Issues Language.

  • The code and most of the code teaching and help material is in English. it would be good to have a translation element to translate this material into French. This could be a separate group or learnign
    'technical or business english". Otherwise this aspect of the course is mainly in English.
  • Access to wifi - while lessons can take place offline. This is not ideal.
  • Physical set up - it is best if we organise a space with a projector, or large monitor and speakers + wifi so makers in Mouans-Sartoux can take part in a Hangout as a group. This takes time and a bit of proctice to set up - we also need a location.

Starting the Project
This is best done by booking a few sessions in Mouans-Sartoux where a couple of OSCEDays tutours come down and instroduce the basic tools and techniques we need to continue remote working. This could be a weekend?

  • Start in September: FORUM DES ASSOCIATIONS @Nicolas Represent of Young Students
  • Need the 6 makers
  • 2 days, 6 hours get introduced each other and to teach the tools
  • 2-3 hours per week, alone at home, or work together per groups mediathèque, café.
  • Encorage to work 1 M-S / 1 OSCEdays working at the same time: 2 weeks: 6hours1 week: 3 hours of work, 1 hangout 1-2hours
  • 3hours work: write a brief in chat, what did today with links? waht you hope to do next day of work? what problems are blocking my work: answer @D, @K, @PM week

Team @D and @K: comes first and last week.

6.5. When and where?
15.45 at the Boulangerie next to the Media Centre, at Mouans-Sartoux

6.6. Who?
Philippe, Pascal (Evaleco)
David and Gabriela

6.7. What?
It explains the project
David is starting to co-create the project and a loan foix present it to public organismo.


7.1. When and where?
17h, at the Library, at Mouans-Sartoux

7.2. Who?
Genevieve, Philipp, Pascal (Evaleco)
David, Gabriela, Roman, Nicolas, Habib, Timothy Rieul, Luke, Claire-Emanuelle, Maxim, Antoine (OSCEdays)
Sophie Décanson, Elsa Raibon, Mats Gourdon (Mayor of Mouans-Sartoux)

7.3. What?
Closing OSCEdays
. Presentation of all the actions carried out during the OSCEdays
. Social Inclusion: Exhibition of work place, the evolution of the investigation through the creative process, made in 4 steps.

  1. Listen for public spaces
  2. Citizens Listened 1 level: where do Mouans-Sartoux passersby and why.
  3. Listened citizen level 2: Commitment in the territory
  4. Connecting the opportunity to find researchers with the territory (Evaleco) and David expert (Viral Academy) and work to roll out the project: Free Academy of Mouans-Sartoux to create a time bank, made by citizens the citizens.

7.4. Feed back of the presentation:

  1. Marie Louise, Sophie and Elsa are strongly interested in the project. Unwind the viability with school dropouts, envisable project put in place in the country of Grasse.
  2. Marie-Louise was interested in interviews made to citizens
  3. Marie Louise, Sophie and Elsa want to co-create the project
  4. Evaleco lends itself to being the actor with whom we place on porjet on Mouans-Sartoux.
  5. David and Gabriela propose to start co-create the project for the following week.

7.5. Working on:

David, Ksenya, Gabriela working on during the prototype Federated Wiki
Project Needs:

  1. Actors / Local Association has the resources
  2. Actors / local Association which pupils.
  3. working methodology
  • These three different cores can be mixed.