[Challenge] How to make you feel warm and cozy at home while minimizing your energy consumption?

Imagine you could feel more comfortable at home and you could save energy and money at the same time. How if your flat knew your preferences and would help you to achieve this goal?

About 15 % of your individual carbon footprint is related to heating. Keeping a flat warm takes a lot of natural resources as well as quite a bit of money from your pocket. However, intelligent control of your heating system can reduce the energy required for heating by 14 to 26 %!

This challange will be topic of an ideation workshop on the OSCE days. We would like to create ideas on how to use open source hardware such as Raspberry Pi to automatically regulate and control your indoor climate according to your personal preferences as in this little project for example.

In the first part of the workshop, we will give a short introduction on common potentials to improve energy efficiency in households, as well as intelligent solutions to lever those. In the second part, we will get creative together: we will interview each other and reflect on our own experience and behavior. Based on this, we will identify the real needs of the users. Knowing those, we can then develop ideas for solutions on how to control heating and ventilation in order to match the user needs.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the interactive workshop in Berlin. No technical knowledge is required (although helpful!). Of course, we also welcome any discussion in this forum.

This workshop is part of a series of workshops under the umbrella of the National Toprunner Initiative