[CHALLENGE] How to make knowledge & know-how circular?

GOAL: make OSCEdays outputs long-lasting

my BACKGROUND: organized events for 2 years, 1,5y in info systems/trainings, 3y in China on mobile/QR& social media analysis, 1y on social media software+methodologies for meaningful cooperations.
I repeatedly observed that there are huge loss of human energies post-events & that generally speaking our memory seems to be diminishing (haven’t seriously studied the later yet, but…!).

CHALLENGE: provide conditions & tools for teams of 3+ individuals to keep on coworking on their project after OSCEdays

some PROCESS info: 1) define well participants feelings & needs (within teams) 2) identify common needs & gaps: write a common framework 3) propose developments for each aspect of the framework 4) prototype at least 1 part of the framework (example: time bank tool with David B, facilitation framework, contact keeping app Whengain, serious game SocialMediaSquad) 5) have fun during 1,2,3,4.

RESSOURCES - mainly on paper,
Ressources wanted: a dataset of past events covered to analyse inputs VS outputs (too complicated? then let’s build it maybe)


The Commontology Organization - We should make knowledge simple.

I thought about permanently storing links to deeply true, relevant and common accesible knowledge ressources. An huge inspiration was Tim Lee Benders Idea of the World Wide and the Semantic Web. But wait, not mind puzzeling ideas like RDF or XML - lets call that “machine readable”.

I want to promote a semantic web, that is “understandable by humans”. The result of some years of thinking and then about half a year of doing is the “Commontology” which may be found under www.common-knowledge.org for english speakers or www.wissensallmende.org for german speakers.

The spine of the Commontology is the “tree of knowledge” which gives every being, doing and thing the right place in the whole.

I am happy about people that want to join the project, as well as links to information to share. For the second purpose, please include a short and striking description of the content.

Any remarks, comments and so on here or sended to: yox ät common - knowledeg dot org

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