[CHALLENGE] how to interest school students in ideas and principles of circular economy?


My name is Anastasia, I am one of the organizers of the small local event in a middle school of Yangxin, China. We are going to make interesting speeches and discussions about circular economy, sustainable development and waste management.


We will have presentations from
Ecological bureau of Yangxin
local recycling company that is interested in ideas of circular economy
volunteer of Friends of Nature and teacher, that leads a project on composting in a school of Wuhan
students from green campus of an American college, that teaches the ideas of sustainable development and circular economy
student from green campus of Russian University, that leads the movement of separate waste collection in the campus


on the 11th of June at 13.00


We are very interested in promoting ideas of collaborative consumption, smart consuming and recycling and we want to involve students in communication for problem solving and making ecological and social project. We want to make discussions to see the problem of the waste in the city from different points as a part of system thinking for positive changes. Nowadays, there is no separated waste collection in the school and the problem of waste management is very important in the city. We want to encourage students to make researches about local projects and collaborate with them for finding good approaches of social entrepreneurship and
projects, that support ideas of circular economy.

We look forward to know about your experience in educating of circular economy, organizing ecological games and activities!
We are open to collaboration with different projects!
And we will be very happy to hear from companies that can make presentations and brainstorming in the school! We are sure that practice and projects are important part of interesting open-minded learning.